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This Is Singapore's Biggest (And Most Exciting) Carnival Yet

Already been to Christmas Wonderland (Singapore’s biggest yuletide fair held yearly at Gardens by The Bay), then here’s another exciting event you have to check out at Marina Bay. Occupying the 25,000 square metres of The Promontory and Bayfront event space, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, which is also known as our city’s biggest carnival yet, is a giant wonderland for ardent lovers of thrill rides, carnival games and delicious cuisines.

With more than 40 rides and games – many of which have been brought into Singapore from various European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, this carnival will run from 15 December 2017 till 1 April 2018 daily from 4pm-11pm, except for Christmas and New Year’s Eve when it will start from 3pm. Another bonus: admission is free for all, and credits for rides and games can be purchased on-site and online via Excited? Here, we let you in on the highlights to check out at the carnival. 

The Rides
Star Flyer Pump up your adrenaline and be prepared to get lifted up 35 metres high. Take in unparalleled views of the iconic Marina Bay area whilst spinning on a descending tower. The Rides
Cyclone Coaster This rollercoaster ride will have your arms up in the air and the wind in your hair as you shake, rattle and rumble while spiralling through the air. Hold on tight for an adrenaline-infused rush as you catapult out of the station and immediately be sent racing around the inverting loop, with its many dips and dives. The Rides
Booster Max For those who do not have a fear of heights, this is the tallest ride at the carnival you can’t miss out on.  It takes you up 55 metres above ground as it spins in a clockwise and anti-clockwise motion, with spectacular movements, reaching up almost 100km/h in eight seconds. The Rides
Das Fun Schiff (Pirate Ship) This swinging pirate ship is definitely not ideal for the light-hearted as the intense pendulum-like motion of the swashbuckling ride will leave you breathless. The steepest it will go? At an angle of 70 degrees on either side. Terrifying. The Rides
Log Fume Combining elements of water rides, expect to cruise along the watercourse, navigate looming climbs before rapid descents that’ll definitely pump up your adrenaline. The Acts
Lion City Boy Apart from the rides, the carnival will also feature performances by homegrown musicians and the one we can’t wait to catch? Lion City Boy. The rap artist, who’s real name is Kevin Lester, launched his first full-length album Paradise last year, with his first single Yaya garnering over 60,000 views on Youtube and over 200,000 likes on Spotify. The Acts
Jasmine Sokko If you prefer chill tunes over hip-hop beats, then you have to check out Jasmine Sokko. Having released her debut EP in September, which features five tracks that was written, produced and arranged by the young singer-songwriter. The Food
Street Food Circus Best known for their signature butterscotch beer fish and chips and truffle lobster croissant roll, they will also be adding two new dishes to their menu. The doubly cup will allow customers to choose two out of eight different drinks to be served in a single twin cup. Dessert-wise, they will be launching their latest dessert creation known as crocream (ice cream croissant), which comes in three different flavours. The Food
Smoocht This is the sister outlet of vegan cafe Brownice so expect each dish to be dairy and gluten-free. From eggless waffles to dairy-free coffee, you can now indulge in your favourite sweet treats without feeling guilty. The Food
The Raclette Factory For something more sinful and savoury (or if you love cheese), then you have to check out this stall. They serve up mouth-watering melted Raclette cheese paired with a bed of potatoes and/or sausages. Yum. Like this? Check out all the hottest parties to be seen at in December, the must-try dishes from PS.Cafe’s new outlet at Raffles City and the best takeaway Christmas menus for the holiday season.