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The Cool Canadian Creatives We Are Obsessed With (And You Should Be Too)

“Nice” – that’s the one word the world associates with Canada. It’s often just another way to say “dull” though, which is partly how Canucks are perceived, but quiet Canada is fast shedding its hoser (slang for unsophisticated) image, and starting to make some international noise.

The Product Designers

Matthew McCormick

cool canadians

Vancouver-based McCormick started as a graphic designer, but discovered a passion for lighting, and established his eponymous label in 2013. He loves the unique challenge that creating lighting presents – it must be a beautiful object that can also light a space in a beautiful way. Known for his minimalist, industrial aesthetic, 2017 has been his year. So far, he has won a European Product Design Award, presented at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in Milan, and had an installation at The London Design Festival. “Canada is a young and vibrant country that is constantly changing, and our open and diverse culture allows for the formation of new ideas. In the past 10 years, the international success of some Canadian designers has instilled confidence, and encouraged the blossoming of a new breed of designers,” he says.

cool canadians

Dodeca is designed to be a beautiful sculpture at rest that comes to life when turned on.

Zoe Mowat

cool canadians

This Montreal-based designer originally intended to be a sculptor, before turning to furniture and homeware – she likes the “humanness” of them. Her clean designs often use pops of colour and unusual combinations of materials, such as her Ora mirror, which combines glass, brass, marble and wood. Where does she think Canadian design is going to go? “We don’t really have a definitive aesthetic to follow or react against, and I think that gives us a lot of freedom. The design community here is small yet strong, and there’s a lot of potential and possibilities for Canadian design right now,”

cool canadians

Art Deco influences the clean geometric lines of the Assembly dressing table.

This story first appeared in Female’s November 2017 issue. 

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