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5 Cool Events To Hit Up This Week: Polish Film Festival, Cosmo Pyke And More

On this week: the first ever Polish Film festival, the start of SIFA (Singapore International Festival of Arts), Cosmo Pyke’s first gig in Singapore and more for the final week of April (yes, already!).

Polish Film Festival
Arguments over Singapore’s art scene aside, the film calendar is always chock full of various themed festivals and the latest is the first ever Polish Film Festival. Taking place April 26-29, it showcases a total of five works that focus on “endurance of the human spirit, disturbing family life, longing for love and coming-of-age-stories.” In other words, highly relatable works – because who hasn’t ever felt any of the above? More details here. April 26 – April 29, various times The Projector, #05-00 Golden Mile Tower Screening of An Inconvenient Truth
Want to get a start to becoming more eco-friendly? The Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth is a good place to start – based on former United States vice president Al Gore’s campaign to educate the public on the very real dangers of climate change, it’s a work that ought to be seen by as many people as possible. Pop-up cinema entrepreneur Funzing is throwing a screening of An Inconvenient Truth this Thursday, and tickets, at $18, also includes a meal from Veganburg, so it’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Time to get yourself educated. More details here. April 26, 7pm – 9.30pm JustCo, 120 Robinson Road, #15-01   Cosmo Pyke Live in Singapore
The next big thing in music might just be 20-year-old Brit songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Cosmo Pyke, whose music has been described as “a diet of blues, jazz, hip hop, and neo-soul”. Pyke, who has yet to even release a full-length album (though he does have a five-track EP), has already had sold out tours, collaborated with Frank Ocean and made it to Dazed magazine’s 100 most influential cultural figures of 2017. Now that he’s in Singapore for the first time, catch him while he’s still a rising act. April 26, 8pm – 10pm, more details here The Pavilion at Far East Square, 28 China Street, #01-01 Singapore International Festival of Arts
Singapore’s biggest and longest-running arts festival kicks off this week and overall, its reportedly more accessible than ever. Check out our highlights of the festival here – personally we can’t wait to catch the award-winning play based on author George Orwell’s seminal book, 1984. Why? It’s the perfect book to describe the increasingly scary political times we live in, from Donald Trump to China’s plan to build a sophisticated monitoring system that will supposedly enable the authorities to identify any of the country’s 1.4 billion citizen within seconds. Big Brother is indeed watching us more closely than ever before. April 26 – May 12, various times and locations, more details here Upgraded - A Solo Exhibition by Priyageetha Dia
The artist with the Midas touch (remember the Golden Staircase girl?) is back with her next work “Upgraded”, which is a reproduction of her latest work, where she hung 24 gold flags outside the same HDB block where the “golden staircase” was staged. 10 gold Mylar films will be on show, with each bearing a distinct red tag – “Kimzua, Readymade, 888, Provoke, Midas, Hazard, Liberal, Vandalism, Resist and Illegal — to signify the manifold societal interpretations of her art through culture, beliefs, social economic status, regulations and politics in Singapore.” We have no doubt it’ll get people talking once again. April 25 – May 6, various times, more details here Art Porters, 64 Spottiswoode Park Rd Like this? Check out this sneak peek to the new Alexander McQueen documentary, the new Singapore art spaces that aren’t your typical galleries and why this Uniqlo x Doraemon collection might be the cutest collaboration ever.