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The Top Five Alternative Destinations To Visit For Your Next Holiday

Luxury tour operator Lightfoot Travel (which also specialises in designing holidays for families, honeymoons and corporate travel) has revealed its top 10 alternative destinations for avid travellers to visit. Instead of the usual touristy areas, the company has curated an itinerary catered to each individual country to ensure a wholesome and enriching experience. If you’re up for an adventure, here are our top five under-the-radar places from the list of recommended destinations to visit.

#1: Ethiopia
Known for its magnificent architecture, enchanting culture and beautiful scenery, your visit here will be a culturally and historically enriching one. For travellers who are keen on discovering the ancient city and relive the history, they can choose The Churches of North Ethiopia and for those interested in nature, wildlife and tribes can opt for The Lakes and Forests of Southern Ethiopia.   #2: Rwanda
Situated in the Eastern part of Africa, this is the place you can get up close with wild animals. Join the 4-day Gorilla Tracking Rwanda itinerary to learn about the history of Rwanda and come face to face with some of the endangered Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. Join the tour here. #3: Croatia
If you’ve been itching for a tropical getaway, Croatia’s the place to be. With over 50 newly opened hotels and resorts, this Mediterranean getaway is perfect for couples looking for a holiday with a perfect mix of beach and culture experiences. Join the tour here.  #4: Colombia
This South American country features bright, colourful buildings, vast farmlands and offers every traveller an experience that is both culturally and historically enriching what with its many museums and cathedrals. Join the tour here.  #5: Mongolia
For a more off-the-beaten-track and rustic holiday, Mongolia’s definitely the place to be. From a camel ride through the desert landscape to a nomadic homestay in the beautiful Tsenkher Valleys, this trip is definitely not for the lighthearted. Join the tour here.  Like this? Check out all the coolest indie albums releases you shouldn’t miss, the coolest cafes, restaurants and shops in Hong Kong and the boutique hotels in Singapore to check into for your next staycay.