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7 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly This Holiday Season

In an ideal world, people would be giving their time and attention to their loved ones and not purchasing anything at all — which in my opinion, is the most eco-friendly measure you could take.

But let’s be realistic. Many people are already dipping their toes into being green and conscious (even if it’s as small a measure as not taking a straw, it’s still commendable), and how many of us can really give up shopping especially during the Christmas period? If you do have to get something, make it a more sustainable option. Here, some recommendations:

Minor Figures Oat Milk 1L, $5.50, Percolate,
Lactose-intolerant? While soy milk is a common option, its oat counterpart is increasingly popular with baristas — among plant-based milks, oat is one of the most sustainable options whereas others such as almond consumes up to six times as much water and carbon to grow. Not to mention this stylish carton by British label Minor Figures would look good on any kitchen counter-top. Bubble tea bamboo straw, $12, Luna Folk,
Can’t give up your bubble tea? Switch to these bubble tea-friendly straws fashioned out of bamboo — a sustainable plant source. Brass candle holders, $160, Noden,
Another way to be eco-friendly is to shop for vintage or second-hand items — you’re utilising what’s already available instead of being part of the endless demand for new designs. These beautiful brass candle holders can also double up as quaint paperweights for that fancy friend who has everything. Tencel cap sleeve T-shirt, $39, Source Collections,
One of our favourite local green labels, Source Collections is known for its range of comfortable T-shirts and the brand is highly transparent with regards to what materials are used, where they’re sourced from and even the people responsible for making the clothes. You can’t ever go wrong with a perennial staple like tees — so why not make your next one a responsible option? New Yorker one-year digital subscription, US$89.99 (S$124),
Regardless where you stand on the New Yorker tote bag debate, anyone who’s interested in news analysis and American politics would be glad to receive a subscription. Besides which, a reusable tote bag is always a good gift idea — if used regularly. Kleen Kanteen insulated tumbler (354ml), $53,
You know those daily cups of coffee (Starbucks, Toastbox, the downstairs kopitiam – whatever your pick) add up? If you drink one every day, that’s 365 a year going to the landfill — or worse, the ocean. Vintage velvet handbag, $693, Roberta di Camerino,
Those looking for one-of-a-kind gifts would do well to check out A Vintage Tale, a recently opened vintage store located at Joo Chiat, which boasts one of the most well-curated selection of vintage we’ve come across in Singapore.