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A Peek Into The Homes Of The Female Team

This issue is dedicated to celebrating the home, whatever form – real or figurative – it might take. Here a peek into each of ours.

“Music has been – and always will be – a big part of my life so it’s only natural that part of my CD collection (estimate size: over 2,000 in total) gets pride of place at home, becoming part of the display.” – JONATHAN CHIA, art director
“Originally a rec room, my walk-in wardrobe looks like a store room. Nearly everything inside holds a dear memory though – from vintage wedding gowns I procured out of fascination when living in LA to my late father’s bespoke suits – and it’d be the first place I rush into should my home ever catch fire.” – NOELLE LOH, editor-in-chief
“I don’t like things overly pristine so this patch of green unruliness in my garden is where I go to rest my eyes after staring at a computer screen all day.” – KENG YANG SHUEN, fashion writer
“This cosy spot with a large table, lots of natural light and an original art work by local painter Patrick Sin in my bedroom is my nesting spot at home. No WFH blues here.” – IMRAN JALAL, fashion editor
“I’ve always felt a sense of comfort and belonging looking onto this view of the sea from my mother-in-law’s home in Marine Parade so much so that I’m looking for my own place in the neighbourhood.” – ADELINE ENG, associate art director
“This small space is where I work, exercise, play & sleep and while getting cooped up in it during the circuit breaker felt at times stifling and tiring, I’m grateful to have it to call my own.” – HISYAM A RAHMAN, graphic designer
“As cliched as it sounds, home is where the heart is; where my loved ones reside including my two Jack Russell puppers, Sandy and Diego. I especially love entertaining my friends whether it’s a board game night or for some wine in our cozy living room space filled with art that we’ve collected over the years.” – MARGAUX LEVY, contributing digital writer
“There’s something to be said about figuring out how to enjoy where you work. I’ve found this desk set up at home comfortable and productive, which is great now that I can’t nip out to and park myself at a cafe for hours.” – GORDON NG, contributing writer