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Scandinavian Lovers, Don't Miss The First-Ever Finnish Film Festival

Ice ice baby.

Alright, all you self-proclaimed Scandi fans and chasers of the aurora borealis, this is one film festival you shouldn’t miss out on – the first ever Finnish Film Festival kicks off today (12 – 15 October) at everyone’s favourite cinema hangout – The Projector, which also curated the line-up of six contemporary Finnish works.

Despite having only six options, the festival offers a diverse look at Finnish life – from its stunning natural landscape to Finnish social and cultural idiosyncrasies. There’ll also be native yummies available at the newly remodelled Intermission Bar, so you can be assured of a thoroughly Finnish experience.

Here, our picks of the festival:

Directed by Selma Vilhunen
2016 | 100 min | In Finnish with English subtitles | PG13

The story of a 12-year-old girl on the cusp of adulthood who steals a car to find the father she’s never met before. Long story cut short – she finds him but he may not be what she expects.

12 October, 8pm

Directed by Marko Röhr, Kim Saarniluoto
2016 | 76 min | In Finnish with English subtitles | PG

This one is for all the nature lovers – don’t miss out! Tale of a Lake takes you through Finland’s famed lakes (the country has thousands of them, reportedly – meanwhile, we have “ponding” in Singapore). Be it crystal clear springs or going underwater to the basins of the big lakes, this looks to be a visually stunning feast of Finland’s natural scenery.

15 October, 2pm

Directed by Juan Reina
2016 | 90 min | In Finnish with English subtitles | PG13

A documentary film on the real-life incident where a group of cave divers attempt to retrieve the bodies of their friends who’d previously drowned in an underwater cave diving trip. Despite unsuccessful attempts by international authorities, you’ll be glad to know they succeeded against tremendous odds to recover the bodies.

14 October, 5pm

Directed by Klaus Härö
2015 | 99 min | In Estonian, Russian & Armenian with English subtitles | M18

Selected as the Finnish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film award at last year’s Oscars, The Fencer focuses on a young Estonian fencer on the run from the Russian secret police force. He manages to find new life as a physical education teacher in a small school but his history, as always, inevitably catches up with him. What was he originally on the run for? Head down to The Projector to find out.

15 October, 8pm

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