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From Guilt-Free Desserts To Going Meat Free, Dig Into These Food Trends In 2019

Bon appetit.

The best part about food trends is that they can range from anything between sensible (the Mediterranean diet) to downright questionable (coloured/dyed foods). And some trends might even sound bizarre at first, but make total sense once you try them. For example, remember the cronut and cruffin craze? Well, croiffles (yes, you guessed it, they’re a croissant-waffle hybrid) are bound to make their way here soon, as they’re already a thing in the US. But until that trend hits us, here are eight others to get on board in 2019.


#1: Guilt-Free Desserts

A lot has been said about avoiding — or at least cutting down on — sugar in our diets but this doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy our favourite desserts. Local favourite Swensen’s has launched a new lower-sugar ice cream range, with up to 39 per cent less sugar. They’re available in three classic flavours — vanilla, chocolate and strawberry — and is in line with the Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Dining guidelines for lower sugar content in desserts. The ice cream is priced the same as their regular versions — $4.50 for a single scoop and $7.50 for double scoops.

Another place for you to indulge in healthy treats without an ounce of guilt is at All The Batter, a cafe that aims to make lives ‘all the batter’ through avocado and natural foods. Avocados take centrestage here and the cakes are made without butter and are non-dairy too (you can request for egg-less options). Enjoy the natural goodness of the fruit through its Avocado Strawberry Gateau cake, Chocolate Avocado cake, Avocado Citrus Pie and Avovegado Yogurt Fruit Tarts.

You can also try Delcie’s Desserts, which has a range of cakes and bakes that are gluten-free, keto, vegan-, diabetic- and even baby-friendly. Their natural cake recipes do not contain eggs, dairy products, chemicals or egg-aiding agents, while not compromising on taste. Feast away.

Swensen’s has various outlets. All The Batter is at #B1-46 Anchorpoint, Singapore 159953 and 17 Jasmine Road, Adelphi Park, Singapore 576585, tel:8510 6313. Delcie’s Desserts is at 34 Whampoa West #01-83, Singapore 330034, tel: 6282 2951.

#2: Probiotics

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Many of us who grew up in Singapore have been exposed to probiotic drinks since were were kids. With the importance of gut health being emphasised in recent years, probiotics have become much-talked-about, and have also become a must-have supplement for many medicine cabinets. Probiotics are essentially live bacteria (the good type) that are good for your digestive system and are found in foods such as yoghurts.

Lately, drinks like kefir and kombucha have become popular alternatives. Kefir is a fermented milk drink that improves digestion and bloating. Kombucha is made from an either green or black tea base, with some fermented ingredients added too. You can get these drinks from various health food stores, such as Miss Kefir.

Miss Kefir is at 308 Telok Kurau Road, #01-06 Vibes@ East Coast, Singapore 423858, tel: 9198-6016.

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