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Fresh Floral Subscriptions Are Going To Be Big This Year

Getting bouquets through regular fresh floral subscription services are been gaining in popularity, and it's probably only going to keep getting bigger.

Floral Subscriptions 

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Fleuriste Boutique Florist’s Ms Sarah Ching (left) and Ms Joan Chua. PHOTO: Fleuriste Boutique Florist

With Every

With Every’s subscription service offers weekly delivery of romantic seasonal arrangements for a monthly fee. Every Monday, the bouquets arrive in jars, which are returned with every incoming bouquet. They come in two sizes: Baby Bloom jars for $260 a month, and larger Posey Bloom jars for $390 a month, including delivery.


Charlotte Puxley Flowers

Known for its lush, organic bouquets, this boutique florist will launch its official subscription service next month. The subscriptions will start at $65 to more than $400 a week.

Info: www.charlottepuxley


Each pre-paid subscription includes four bouquets of flowers. Customers choose from three sizes, themes and frequency of delivery, starting at $160 ($40 a week) for a weekly delivery; $180 for a fortnightly delivery; and $192 for a monthly delivery of a small bouquet. Prices exclude delivery.


The Floral Atelier

The minimum six-month subscriptions are available in monthly, fortnightly and weekly packages. Customers choose the style, size and frequency of the subscription, which starts at $75 a bouquet, including delivery. Deliveries are made on Fridays. There is a Forget Me Not package, where customers will be able to pre-purchase bouquets for up to five dates every year. The customisable bouquets come in three sizes and styles, starting at $75 a bouquet.



Customers of this flexible subscription package pre-pay and choose the floral theme, size and delivery schedule for four bouquets, ranging from $60 to $150 for a premium bouquet, which can be delivered any time within a six-month period.


Beverly’s Blooms

Currently offering a monthly home subscription service from $75 to $125 a bouquet, the florist plans to add a weekly service next month. The Set It & Forget It Package allows customers to pre-book bouquets for special dates. The customisable bouquets start at $90 and will come with a handwritten note.


Yi Lian Ng Floral Atelier

Available in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscriptions, with three sizes and four colour palettes to choose from. Prices start at about $100 for a small bouquet. There is a minimum three-month subscription.


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