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From The Archives: Looking Back At The Creative Squad We Championed

It is no secret that we are big supporters of folks from the design, art, music and creative scenes. In this compilation, we put together some of the most memorable names we have featured through the years.
On Zouk: Its Legacy And Future 28 Years On
Zouk is the undisputed OG of clubs in Singapore, but has it still got its groove? In Sept 2019, its latest head of marketing Audrey Choy sat down with Tracy Phillips – the cultural connoisseur who held her position at the nightspot a decade before – to talk about the institution of electronic music.   Read more here. The Cool Creatives From Johor Bahru To Get On Your Radar
With a charming hipster community that’s steadily attracting both local and Singapore creatives, Johor Bahru could just be to us what Brooklyn is to Manhattan. In October 2017, frequent visitor and Female Collective member Linda Hao took us on a visual tour of JB, photographing the buzzy names in the city’s indie, creative, liberal scene.   Read more here. Watch Video: Female And Bagaholicboy Spotlight The Women Who Champion Diversity
From actress Oon Shu Ann to counsellor Nisa Ngaiman – each of these women have furthered and champion the cause of diversity in their line of work. Watch how they do so in a short interview video.   Watch the video here. Joy Song: A Singapore Filmmaker Serving Up Haunting Images And Narratives
In Nov 2019, the Singapore-born Berlin-based filmmaker – known for her lush, otherworldly and profoundly beautiful aesthetic – talked influences, storytelling and her debut feature film, Ocular.   Read more here. Meet The Singapore Fashion Photographer With The Cinematic Flair
With a penchant for capturing women and female subjects on camera, could Marisse Caine be our answer to Michal Pudelka? We chronicled the 28-year-old in our Independent Issue in June 2017.   Read more here. From Comedy Starlets To Gen-Y Alt-Girls, These Are The Coolest Cliques In Singapore
If one creative talent can do great things, what more a whole posse of them, all united by the same vision despite their individual specialities? In this throwback to August 2017 we spotlighted four of the creative cliques in the +65 from an art collective to a trio of comedy starlets.   Read more here. This Singapore Artist's Paintings Sold Out At His First Solo Show
In our January 2017 Art edition, we profiled a group of Singaporeans carving out names and niches in the art and design industries (or in some cases, both). One of them was Luke Heng, who we raved about for his minimalist paintings which can take up to 20 to 30 coats of paint to execute – an antithesis to today’s filter-happy feed   Read more here. Olivia Lee: The Award-Winning Industrial Designer You Should Know
In August 2018, we went behind-the-scenes with noted industrial designer Olivia Lee, and her innovative co-working space, Wonder Facility in Ubi, which was probably the first of its kind founded by an independent designer.   Read more here. The Local Tastemakers Doing Things Differently
Rewind to June 2019 when eight future big shots in fashion, music and the arts told us how they want to change the world. They included the “food artists” Aiwei Foo and Wangxian Tan.   Read more here. Brand New Eyes: Meet The 3 Local Photographers Making Waves
These bright young things in fashion photography – whose works appeared in our New Bohemia-themed September 2019 issue – shared with us a little about their stylistic influences and approaches to the form.   Read more here.