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The Fun Workouts Fashion Girls Are Doing To Get Their Sweat On

These calorie-burning workouts are favourites of local fashion and media industry insiders, and they make exercise more play than work.

Infrared Heat Yoga

Think of this as an evolved version of hot yoga minus the suffocating heat. Jal Yoga’s Infrared Heat Yoga class is conducted in a studio space fitted out with FIR (Far Infrared Technology) panels on the ceiling so your body feels the heat – 35-36 degree celsius versus the hot yoga standard of 40.5 degrees – directly as you move through poses. The lower temperature does not compromise on the theraputic effects – improved blood circulation, alleviate aches and pains, increased flexibility – of “hot” yoga. In fact, it’s a lot more comfortable this way, think of it as an outdoor yoga session, minus the harmful UV rays. Another upside, no noisy hot air vents, so less distractions as you get yourself into your downward dog and tree poses. Jal Yoga also offers a range of classes (pilates, barre, aerial yoga) and is the only studio to teach Angamardana, a physically challenging fitness regime rooted in yoga from South India.