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The Fun Workouts Fashion Girls Are Doing To Get Their Sweat On

These calorie-burning workouts are favourites of local fashion and media industry insiders, and they make exercise more play than work.

HydroFit Series

As if exercise isn’t hard enough, try doing an adapted version of SUP yoga or HITT while balancing on a floating fitness mat in the middle of a swimming pool. The unusual fitness class, started by former national water polo players Lim Yao Xiang and Teh Chong Nyen, is a 360-workout experience that’ll give you the bonus of a tan while you’re at it. Depending on the class (Hydrofit Zen or Hydrofit Pump) participants go through a range of movements to strengthen stabalising muscles (the moving water helps to engage these) and overall functional strength through callisthenics movements like push ups, sit ups, and squats. For both, balance is key, so expect to engage your core, experience a few wobbles, and to have a lot of fun at the same time.