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These Contemporarily Chic Candles And Diffusers Deserve A Spot In Your Living Space

A first for the brand, Goutal Paris' newest range of candles and diffusers make for great Christmas gifts and will definitely appeal to the homebodies.

French fragrance brand Goutal Paris (previously known as Annick Goutal) has just recently launched its newest home collection featuring a range of candles and diffusers. For these olfactory home decorations, Camille Goutal, daughter of Annick Goutal created four new exclusive scents, from the woodiest to the most floral, to complement the two iconic fragrances of the house, Un Air d’Hadrien and Noel — the latter also renamed, now known as Une Foret d’Or.

Besides its pleasant scents, the designs too are one to note. The subtly facetted contours of the glass candle (featuring a rich palette of colours like red, blue and green) and the origami folds of the diffusers recall the ribbing of the brand’s iconic godron bottle. Created by Spanish designer Tomas Alonso — known for his colourful, poetic pieces — the collection was designed as a way to enrich the olfactory experience.

In spirit of sustainability, a core value of the brand since its founding, refills are available for the candles. Peep the collection above.

#1: Goutal Un Air D'Hadrien, $115
This is made with notes of Sicilian lemon and cypress for a warm, citrusy scent. #2: Goutal Une Foret D'Or, $115
Pine branches and orange rind are infused into this candle for a slightly citrusy, fresh and hearty scent. #3: Goutal Ambre et Volupte, $115
Said to be the warmest and most sensual fragrance, this is formulated with resin, cedar, patchouli and sandalwood. #4: Goutal Une Maison de Campagne, $115
For a floral yet fruity fragrance, opt for this as it is made with blackcurrant, redberries and roses. #5: Goutal Bois Cendres, $115
An enchanting and mysterious scent that contains notes of smoked and ambery woods. #6: Goutal Un Jardin Aromatique, $115
Fresh cut grass, mint, basil and tarragon are all incorporated into this fresh fragrance. #7: Goutal Bougie Universelle, $115
A neutral, unscented candle that is meant to be used as an elegant table centrepiece or paired with one of your favourite scented candles. #8: Goutal Un Air D'Hadrien Paper Diffuser, $120
Reinterpreting the pleats of the brand’s iconic godron fragrance bottles, the origami folds of the paper diffusers allow for optimal diffusion of the scent. #9: Goutal Une Foret D'Or Paper Diffuser, $120
With the same fragrance as its candle counterpart, this allows for an unequalled fragrance diffusion while decorating your space.