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Here's Why The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions Is The Music Festival You Need To Check Out

From the ultra-cool ladies of LCD Soundsystem to the smooth croons of Cate Le Bon, we round up all the reasons you need to check out the stellar line up at The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions come December.

For those who are still mourning the end of Laneway, this brand new (and Singapore’s first) female-fronted music festival is bound to make an impression. Cue The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions: Boasting a tapestry of genres, the inaugural festival’s line-up consists of international and local acts playing a delightful mix of RnB, pop, indie and more. With mega appearances from names such as Nancy Whang, Kero Kero Bonito and Cate Le Bon, the event will also offer up an array of bites and some major style inspo.

The festival is organised by 24OWLS, a collective manned by the people behind Laneway Festival Singapore. If the success of the Laneway festival is any indication that the folks at 24OWLS can throw a party, we already know the Alex Blake Charlie festival is going to be a good time.

Below, we list 7 reasons why ABCS will be the festival to attend this season.

Image: (Left to right) ALMA, Stella Donnelly, Cate Le Bon    Though female-fronted music festivals are on the come up, you’ll be hard-pressed to come across a line up with at least 50 percent of its acts being female – which is exactly why this year’s  Alex Blake Charlie festival is being welcomed with such open arms here in Singapore. Being Singapore’s first ever all female-fronted festival, you’ll be privy to a wide variety of female music acts, both international and local. EXPECT BOTH BIG AND BUDDING INTERNATIONAL ACTS
Speaking of, it would not be a great music festival without a strong line up. The Alex Blake Charlie Sessions promises a mix of genres ranging from indie pop to electro-soul with artists from all over the world, many of which are making their Singapore debut on Dec 7.   The lineup boasts of both budding female artists and ladies who have been making waves in the music industry for a while now. Stockholm native Leon, also known as the finest Swedish pop export since Robyn, will be gracing the audience with her formidable vocal arsenal. And of course, everyone’s excited for the fierce duo of Nancy Whang and Rayna Russom. There’s also the American power pop band Charly Bliss, the unabashed British post-punk quartet Goat Girl and crowd favourite, Kero Kero Bonito. EVERYONE'S FAVOURITE LOCALS
Image: Ginette Chittick    Repping Singapore will be a throng of female artists including A/K/A Sounds, YM FAM, Ginette Chittick and Vandetta.   Ginette, of Astreal fame, will be hitting the decks. The multi-hyphenate not only writes music with her band Astreal, but also plays at Intermission Bar at the Projector as well as lectures at the School of Fashion, Faculty of Design at LASALLE. The festival recognises and honours this type of go-getter spirit and we’re excited to get our dose of it and get inspired. THE STYLE FACTOR
Image: SOAK    Just like the famed festivals of our generation, the Alex Blake Charlie festival is one that will be chock-full of style inspiration. Some of the women fronting this festival are known not only for their musical abilities but revered for their unique styles as well. Just look at Irish indie darling Soak and her eclectic wardrobe of androgynous styles. She constantly leans towards crisp cuts, straight silhouettes and muted colours.   Another name to look out for will be Icelandic-Brit trio Dream Wife, whose concert photos show them rocking glitzy and obstinate punk rock looks that are equal parts playful and titillating. We’re talking the likes of fishnets and glitter – so count us in. MUSIC WITH A CAUSE
Image: Dream Wife    The best part about going to a music festival like this is the social awareness that it is being cultivated on. Most of the bands and music acts here are all caught up on the social issues plaguing society these days and are not afraid to use their music to talk about it.   We love award-winning Stella Donnelly and her album Beware of the Dogs, where she made her stand known on sexual assault, sexism and racism, all with razor-sharp honesty. Icelandic-Brit trio Dream Wife is also another act to look out for as they champion positivity and address issues such as rape and body image.   ITS UNIQUE LOCATION
The festival will be held at the historic Pasir Panjang Power Station which will be resurrected just for the festival. When you think of an abandoned and out of use power station, the words derelict and gritty might come to mind but we think it makes for the perfect venue, especially if you need a little escape from the everyday rigmarole that comes with living in our city.   INTERESTING FOOD AND DRINKS
Image: Instagram (@chixhotchicken)   Food and drinks are at the core of every festival because obviously, fuel is quintessential. There’s not much like coupling good vibes with good bites. Thankfully for us, 24OWL’s curation skills are not only limited to musical talents– they are also bringing in some of the city’s top food and bevvies. Think loaded hot dogs from Dough Boys, craft beers from Little Creatures and tantalising chicken burgers from Chix Hot Chick’N.