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What To Wear To Hit Up Singapore's First Black And White Hotel

Singapore’s boutique hotel scene has been growing over the years and the latest entrant is Hotel Mono.

The newest player on the block occupies six conservation shophouses in Chinatown that’s been transformed by the President Award-winning firm Spacedge Designs.

Notice a trend? Yeah it’s a no-brainer to deduce how the hotel got its name – everything is outfitted in black and white. Due to its former status as conservation shophouses, no two rooms are apparently alike – though the striking metal bars that you see above serves as a recurring motif in every room and doubles up as a lighting fixture and… clothing hanger?

Yup, even the bathrooms are entirely monochromatic.


If you’re thinking Hotel Mono is going to cost a bomb, we’ve got a surprise for you – prices start from $160 per night for a double room. I think it’s fair to say it’ll be popping up on our Instagram feeds pretty soon.

Now, with such a distinctive aesthetic, we’ve put together a wardrobe that matches the hotel when you hit it up for your next staycation: