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If You're OCD or Love Geometry Then Go Catch Apotheose

Kyoto-based Indonesian artist Albert Yonathan Setyawan’s intricate, geometric ceramics are poetry for anyone in love with order. 

Art For The Symmetry Obsessed 1

Repetition isn’t usually anything to gush over, but Albert Yonathan Setyawan’s second solo exhibition here, Apotheose, will change your mind. The artist uses small, simple shapes – some architectural, others natural – to form large-scale geometric shapes.  

The simplicity is deliberate. The artist tells me: “I’m not a big fan of high-end ceramics technology; I prefer very simple techniques and colour, but I focus more on the shape.”

The effect of his work is meditative, not dull. And the knowledge that every last piece is crafted by hand by the artist is more than a little awe-inspiring. See the close-up below.

Art For The Symmetry Obsessed 2

From left: Incandescence and Mystic Flowers. Below: a close-up of Mystic Flowers.

Art For The Symmetry Obsessed 3

Setyawan, who now lives in Kyoto, where he is pursuing a masters in ceramic art, always wanted to be an artist. Having begun his artistic journey in Bandung, where ceramics are not always considered an art form, he is appreciative of the attitude towards ceramic art in Japan: “Here, people can make something really small and yet it is captivating and feels monumental because of its delicacy and fine details.”

Apotheose runs through May 10 at Mizuma Gallery, 22 Lock Road, #01-34, Gillman Barracks (6570-2505).

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