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These Images From Our Creative Friends Will Lift Your Spirits During These Times

Why put up cliched inspirational posters when we can turn to some of our dearest collaborators and creative friends for truly uplifting works of art? That was exactly what we embarked on for the @female_singapore Instagram page when the circuit-breaker kicked in last month, spotlighting original works that serve as a pick-me-up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Here, a compilation of their works thus far.

Who needs cliched inspirational posters when you can rely on some of our closest collaborators and friends of the magazine to lift our spirits during this isolation period with their own works of art? That’s exactly what we have been doing on Instagram every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, since the beginning of the circuit-breaker. Here, a compilation of their works thus far.

Franco Schicke, photographer⁠
“I will never take for granted small talk, long walks. I will never take for granted a hug, a kiss on the cheek or holding hands. I’ll never take for granted a high five after a shoot, sharing a coffee or breakfast with a friend. I will never take for granted the fresh air, the green grass and the smell of the rain. I will never take for granted my freedom and creating with no limits.”⁠   This portrait of a radiant Tess McMillan was shot by our dear friend and photographer collaborator who also uses this image as his phone wallpaper because it makes him smile. Polina Korobova, glitter artist⁠
“I know it’s difficult but try to remember all those times when you wished you had more time to work on your painting, more time to try all your new lipsticks, more time to sew on sequins on your denim jacket. That time is now. Stay home, and create.”⁠   This portrait of the effervescent artist by Singapore photographer Julian Tan served as a reminder for all of us to shine find new meaning in the every day.  ⁠ Patrick Sin⁣⁣⁣, painter
“Let’s dance, ⁣⁣⁣ imagine you are in your happy place ⁣ and dance⁣⁣ your blues away.” ⁣⁣⁣     This painting titled Let’s Dance (acrylic, 46cm x 61cm) is a joyful art work inspired by Henri Matisse’s Icarus by the fashion editor-turned-artist (and obvious David Bowie fan). Gabe Tan, photographer⁠
“Do you see the world or do you see colours?”   Our frequent collaborator and street style documenter captured this vignette of renegade style star Bella Zade last May as an apt reminder to always surround ourselves with good aura. Delphine Rama⁠, abstract artist
”My memory was clouded by their absence, hoping to catch a glimpse of those smiles blurred by the time and forced distancing. But yes, this is how I foresee our reunion, finally together again, without any fear, simply walking in a very shared manner, a playful gathering.” ⁠⁣ ⁣ The Singapore-based ⁠Belgian painter penned this prose to awaken poignant memories, and also hope. This image of ‘brotherhood’ saw her mixing digital painting with photography into one colourful poetic image.⁠⁣ Feedbeng, photographer and graphic artist
“There’s no right way to go through times like these, the vast spectrum of emotions that you feel is valid. Take things a day at a time, find your happiness where you can, and check in on your own mental health. It is a complicated time right now and know that most of us are all just dancing between the fine lines of falling apart and having it all under control.”   Our regular collaborator – known for his flamboyant images – shared his ‘corona mantra’ and this placid image to salve our conscience.⁠ ⁠ Khairullah Rahim, multimedia artist ⁠
“I hope that people are even more aware now of the importance of intimacy and proximity, especially to underserved minority groups. Today while many of us go through the circuit-breaker at the comfort of our homes, please remember there are still many others who may not have equal access to these luxuries we take for granted.”   Known for kindling narratives about marginalised communities in his art, the artist reminded us about putting things in perspective. It’s very much like this artwork ⁠titled Silly Gatekeeper (2020), which is a delightful assemblage of the different fragments of private and social lives around his neighbourhood of Boon Lay.⁠ Nicole Ngai, photographer⁠
“I’m on my 41st day of lockdown – I’ve spent my days making playlists and going on Jane Austen-inspired walks 😂Please take care of your mental health, it’s equally as important and it’s okay to have slow days. Check in on your friends, be kind to each other and contribute to your community where you can. Sending love from London.” ⁠ The London-trained photographer captured this vestige of happier times with her pals exactly a year ago not just to show how much things have changed, but to serve as a reminder that we are all in this together.⁠ Howie Kim, digital artist⁣⁣⁣
“Circuit breaker got me like…”   The pop-surrealist artist encapsulated the weird times now in a short and sweet message and an original piece featuring himself social distancing away from his favourite characters like Bambi, Joe Exotic and Snow White.⁣⁣⁣ Shilbe Lim, botanical designer ⁠
“Give yourself the permission to let go, slow down and take the time you have to energise yourself creatively. It could be as simple as trying a new recipe for dinner, picking up a forgotten hobby or making an arrangement with whatever you can find.”   Use the time on our hands to create and find inspiration in the most unlikely places, says the designer, who fashioned this sculpture from a bunch of dried palm fruits she found on the side of the road, a rock and dried clematis from her personal stash.⁠ Racy Lim, creative producer, writer, arts manager⁠
“I’ve got a small recommendation – check out Miranda July’s ‘Joanie 4 Jackie’ project. I think the ideas of feminism differ slightly between era, cultures and nations in terms who the disempowered population/groups are that urgently need their voices to be heard. That said, what I believe still stands is the internalised patriarchy in all of us – women included.⁠ Minute, as it seems, having females band together and express themselves to those in their communities perhaps, does help to reduce or (if I’m hopeful) eliminate some of these physical and psychological effects on individual lives and societies – no thanks to the authority that has been wilfully given to the male body since the very beginning.⁠ ⁠ So maybe we can all pick from the spirit of ‘Joanie 4 Jackie’ and popularise active co-sharing among women, including the most vulnerable communities around us :)”   The tireless local arts advocate made us ponder about the notions of sisterhood and womanhood during this circuit-breaker. Ginette Chittick, fashion educator, artist and DJ ⁣
“Don’t forget to take a deep breath every now and then and let go of all that heaviness that so much bad news can bring. Find pockets of joy in your space.” ⁣   It is all about seizing the day right for this creative. A good example would be her ‘Totems’ series she created during an art residency last June in Vence, France in the residence of Art Brut’s founder Jean Dubuffet. Drawing references from Dubuffet’s artistic approach, her own tapestry practice, and the beautiful landscape of the medieval town she was in, this series will be exhibited at the end of the year at the Praxis and Project Space at the ICA Singapore galleries.