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7 Photographers Capture Singapore Through The iPhone XS And XS Max (Plus Share Their Tips)

Darren Soh
On his go-to apps to use #1: “Use iOS apps to the fullest of their ability. For example, I use Sun Seeker to determine the direction for the sun — it has AR tech built in to show you in real time the passage of the sun as it moves across the sky.”   #2: “Other apps I use include Halide Camera and Hydra.The Hydra app allows you to make super high res 24 megapixel images using computational photography of combining up to 60 images at one go, interpolating them into that large file. The Halide app allows you to shoot in fully manual mode — controlling both ISO settings and shutter speed.” #3: “Use a table tripod for dusk or night shots to get the most of out every scene.” Instagram: @darrensohphoto Aik Beng Chia
On the camera functions he loves  #1: “Getting a subject to be comfortable in front of you is definitely one of the biggest challenges. Make sure your subject is comfortable so they can feel natural and be themselves as this will have an impact on your portrait. You can also use the Depth Control feature on your iPhone XS and XS Max to help the subject stand out and, choose the aperture of the photo precisely.”   #2: “When it comes to low light photography, using iPhone XS and XS Max’s dual OIS and Smart HDR produces clean, crisp images with minimal noise, and it doesn’t resort to overexposing light sources.”   Instagram: @aikbengchia Yafiq Yusman
On novel ways to take photos #1: “Puddle photography is a great way to still get amazing pictures even when the weather isn’t great. Make sure you hold your iPhone as close to the puddle as possible, so that the image is straight and focuses on the background rather than the foreground.”   #2: “To get interesting angles, try putting your iPhone horizontally and taking a panorama vertically to for example, capture the height of buildings.”   Instagram: @_yafiqyusman_ Yais Yusman
On his favourite photo editing apps #1: “When it comes to reflection shots, the most important key is to go as close as possible to the reflected surface, water or windows. This will create a more symmetrical image and give a nicer finish.”   #2: “Also, my all time favourite apps are Snapseed and VSCO. The most helpful tools in Snapseed are definitely the selective adjustment and the new tool called perspectives. I use VSCO to put on some filter and making sure that my photos are of similar tones.”   Instagram: @_yaisyusman_ Javan Ng
On how to get your best shot #1: “Photography involving reflections doesn’t have to be restricted to water-based shots, be creative and try using other reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass, metal and even ceramic/marble tiles.”   #2: “Framing is essential! Use the elements of the space you’re in to create an interesting composition and experiment to discover what creates the greatest effect.”   Instagram: @javan Ivan Kuek
On how to get your best shot #1: “When shooting in low light, make sure you hold your phone steady with two hands or rest it on a stable object like a table or against a pillar.”   #2: “To get the most from Portrait mode, make sure the background is a distance from the subject to create a better bokeh effect. Portrait mode is also very good for capturing not just popped, but also food and other still life subjects.”   Instagram: @phonenomenon Ernest Goh
On novel ways to take photos #1: “Use the optical zoom to do close-up images to get amazing details or to make tight crops in compositions to get interesting patterns.”   Instagram: @theanimalbookco