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5 Cool Events This Week: Island Lights 2019, A Slow Life Art Exhibition And More

Light art festival Island Lights 2019 returns for a third edition at Sentosa - head down for the Insta-worthy display.
Island Lights 2019
Light art festival Island Lights is back for a third edition at Sentosa, with this year’s theme being “harmony”. Prolific prop designer and artist Tina Fung and her company, Space Objekt, are in charge of curation for this edition, and she’s enlisted six local and international artists in various disciplines to present new possibilities in immersive light art installations. As always, it looks to be a visual spectacle and a sure magnet for the social media crowd – we’re looking forward to this see-saw pictured above, titled Candy Quartz – a collaboration between Fung herself and motion graphics artist Reza Hasni. Glitter queen and performance artist Polina Korobova will also be performing, don’t miss out. Details here.   Nov 16 – Dec 31, 6.30pm – 10.30pm   Sentosa Cove Village  AIYOH: BEING WELL
Mental wellness is increasingly becoming a focus in many spheres – social media, in schools (overdue, if you ask us), working cultures and more. Art democratisers Oh! Open House‘s latest initiative, brilliantly titled Art In Your Own Home (AIYOH), continue their focus on bringing art into the most personal of spaces – though this time with a twist: they attempt to answer the question “What is being well?” This edition sees three creative teams (each comprises of hosts matched with artists) tackling the topic of wellness in different ways, such as what food might taste like in the increasingly unstable future. Intrigued? Head here to check out the itinerary.   Nov 16 – 24, various times and locations RIOT! Hosted by Becca D'Bus with Pangina Heals + Yum Yum Disco Tom Yum
Eloquent queen Becca D’Bus is back with her monthly drag revue RIOT!, and this edition sees a very special guest participating – none other than Drag Race Thailand host, Pangina Heals herself. Not only that, tickets to her show will get you entry to after-party Yum Yum Tom Yum Disco, also featuring Pangina Heals. What are you waiting for? Details here.   Nov 16, 9.30pm – 11pm (RIOT!)   Nov 16, 11pm – 3am (Yum Yum Tom Yum Disco)   Hard Rock Cafe, 50 Cuscaden Road Mynah Magazine #3 Official Launch
If you aren’t familiar with Mynah magazine, it’s an independent, crowd-sourced publication that favours a long-form approach to examining little-explored facets of Singapore society and culture. Here, you’ll find works and essays by some of Singapore’s most promising (but underrated) artists and creatives – in the latest issue, they tackle the thorny Bicentennial commemorations. As they put it, “what would Singapore have been like if the British had never colonised the island?” Pertinent questions indeed and one more people ought to be engaging with. Details here.   Nov 16, 6pm – 8pm   The Moon, 37 Mosque Street Favourite Things
The slow and considered approach to life continues to snowball, be it in fashion or lifestyle. We’re all for the movement and this new exhibition, Favourite Things, revolves around its central tenet of favouring the human hand in the process of creation. Featuring three fashion industry veterans who are jointly putting on their first art show, expect to see some honest-to-goodness hand-embroideries, tapestries and thoughtful paintings. Who knows, maybe the exhibition could inspire you to take that first step into creating your own works. Details here.   Nov 14 (5pm – 9pm)   Nov 15 – 16 (11am – 6pm)   The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane