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Why You Need To Get Excited About The Light To Night Festival

And here's why.

light to night festival

Art aficionados will be pleased to know that the Light to Night festival will be having its second run from 19 to 28 January 2018 and is set to brighten up Singapore’s CBD area in a dazzling array of colours as it transforms iconic cultural institutions and parks into a creative canvas with spectacular works of art. For its second edition, the festival will expand from an anniversary celebration event by National Gallery Singapore in 2016 to a precinct-wide arts festival spearheaded by the gallery, together with The Art House, Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall, Asian Civilisations Museum and The Esplanade.

Themed ‘Colour Sensations’, the spectacle will take visitors on a multi-sensorial journey through the changing colours of the precinct from day to night with the various captivating works. They can look forward to a vibrant kaleidoscope of public art and activities by local, regional and international artists. Here, the highlights you need to know.


Art Skins on Monuments 

light to night festival

Dubbed as one of the biggest light extravaganzas in Singapore, this will feature coloured light projections adorned on each monument by 30 local artists, illustrators and multimedia designers, including visual artist Speak Cryptic, illustrator-artist Aeropalmics and contemporary artist Samantha Lo.