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The New Age Yogi: Linda Hao

Linda Hao has worn many hats – the latest of which is owner of Omm Home, a studio that serves as a retreat and creative space in one.

You’ve known her as a fashion designer, stylist, DJ and familiar face on the party scene. But Hao’s next turn as a wellness/eco guru of sorts could prove to be her most fulfilling.

Two years ago, she started Omm Home, her Johor Baru-based creative studio, as a personal haven to retreat to. “Omm Home was first started for my own creative making during a time when I felt overwhelmed by society’s fast pace of life,” she explains. “I knew I had to start over again somewhere to heal myself creatively.”

Even better news now: She’s throwing its doors open to those who might be in need of the same. At Omm, one can sign up for monthly sewing classes conducted by Hao – each session is intimate with just four participants. Already a basic Vinyasa instructor, she’s planning to undertake advanced yoga training to launch official lessons in the space.

And all the leftover stock from her now-defunct fashion label Yesah? She’s used the fabric to craft fun, graphic patterned accessories and home decor like pillows with a bohemian touch, all available for sale at her website,

Why ditch the fashion/social media star high life for one of advocacy? “I think it’s a really good thing that people are waking up to change,” she quips. “It’s true that we can’t change others unless we change ourselves. And we know through history that humans are damaging the planet and (the consequences) are happening even faster than we had imagined. If individuals don’t start taking action now, then when?”

This story first appeared in the December 2019 print issue of FEMALE. 

Photos courtesy of Kali (@thenameisbon11)