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A Guide To Incorporating Your Lucky Colours At Home, According To Horoscope

Make this year your best year yet by refreshing your home with your lucky colours.
Aries: Fiery Red
Aries has always had a natural affiliation with the colour red. Known as Aries’ lucky colour and the main colour of Aries’ planet, Mars, it embodies and intensifies all of fire sign Aries’ passion, energy and fiery nature. Red is also a colour known for thrilling romance and a competitive spirit.   Red may seem like an intimidating colour to try and use when it comes to home décor, but it is actually very easy to incorporate into your home. After all, red isn’t just for Chinese New Year. However, because this is such a strong colour, it is important to follow the cardinal rule that ‘less is more’. Too much red can become an eye sore, be too stimulating or come across as intense and aggressive.   Instead, look for more subtle ways to include the shade. The bedroom is a good place to add romantic reds into; either with a rich wine-red oriental rug, burgundy red bedsheet or traditional soft red pillows. Outside of the bedroom, red can be used when picking out the colour of furniture, either using red fabric or reddish wood, keeping in mind that both should still try to match with the rest of the house decor. Slightly darker shades of red can still work as well.   We recommend: Velvet Throw Cushion from Castlery or Only Zest’s Doodle Triangle Red Bean Bag from HipVan Aries: Soft Pink
Some Aries individuals may scoff at the colour Pink, because the media has long made pink out to be weak or immature. While pink does have a strong youthful nature, it is actually a very confident and bold colour. Pink is also known for romance and energy, but it is much more subdued and calming than red is.   While pink is usually used for young children in their bedrooms, it can also be used for adults. As it is not as harsh as other colours, it can be used more liberally. Still, always remember that too much pink can come off as childish.   For a subtler way to use pink in your home, you can incorporate it into pillow covers along with a mix of other complementary colours. Bright pink flowers or ornaments will always be eye catching without taking away from the appearance of the room. Light pink curtains in the bedroom can add a nice and romantic touch. If you want to be subtle, choose very light pinks that look almost white from a distance — they will add a classy vibe to your home and can be used for dressers or even doors.   We recommend: Double Gourd Mini Vase in matte dusty pink from Scene Shang or the Classic Blush Bedsheet Bundle Set from Sojao Aries: Fiery Yellow
Sticking with fiery bright colours still suits Aries the best. And as stressful or prolonged 2019 might feel, a fiery yellow will always be there to pick you up and reenergise you. Known as the colour of optimism, yellow is also one of the most stimulating and uplifting colours.   While yellow does represent happiness and energy, it should be used sparingly. It can end up being too much if not used properly. Too much yellow can cause overstimulation, which can make it difficult to concentrate or get proper sleep. A bit of yellow in the bedroom won’t hurt; however, it should be out of sight when you are getting ready to sleep.   You don’t need to start filling your home with big sunflowers; though smaller flowers like a bouquet of yellow carnations can be a great way to incorporate the colour. Bright yellow curtains or kitchen appliances can be enough. Lemon yellow vases or pictures of yellow flowers can be just as inviting. Keeping a yellow rug in the hallway can make guests feel more invited and at ease in your home. If you own a yard or backyard, yellow furniture such as chairs or benches can make wonderful additions.   We recommend: Moana Knitted Pouffe in yellow from HipVan or the Gridlock TV Console from PLAYplay Taurus: Emerald Green
Taurus has always had a certain affiliation with nature and this is reflected in their connection with the colour green, most notably dark or natural shades of green. As an earthy sign ruled by the planet Venus, green is a colour that reflects the Taurus’ practical, grounded and nurturing nature. In Feng Shui, it is also known as the colour of rebirth, renewal and fresh energy.   As a secondary colour, green can be used quite plentifully. As it is not as strong, one can use green to theme an entire room. It is important, however, to strive to use greens in room with a lot of natural sunlight or good lighting. The easiest way to inject a bit of green into your home is to bring in some leafy houseplants or succulents, but make sure you take care of them.   If you want to use it on your walls, it’s recommended that you only paint the wall closest to your bed, as too much green can still overwhelm. Painting walls opposite large windows is a great way to ensure the colour is always bathed in natural light. Another way is to make use of green curtains. Slightly lighter, grassier shades of green can be used as furniture such as sofas or chairs.   We recommend: Green Glass Vase from Bloomingville or the Gable 3 Seater Sofa from Castlery Taurus: Clean White
Known as a colour of purity and innocence by most people, white is also a great colour for calming and relaxing people. Especially in the case of Taurus’ planet Venus; when it is inflamed, white helps to calm down the frustrations of Taurians. It also helps to temper back any bad habits and aid in resisting temptation.   Being such a subtle soothing colour, it can be used quite a lot more than the stronger primary colours when decorating a home. Most often white is used in the bathroom as it symbolises a place of ‘cleanliness’, but white can also be used in other areas of the house. However, too much white can make a home feel too sterile or clinical.   The shade of white is very important. As it is such a transformative colour, even the slightest shift can change an atmosphere. Imagine a bleached white room versus a white with yellowish undertones. Blueish or silver whites can give off a very cold atmosphere, while walls painted with creamier or honey white will be more inviting and cozier. White can also affect other colours around it. It can often enhance stronger colours or overpower subtler colours.   We recommend: White Minimalist Wall Clock from IUIGA or the LUDDE Sheepskin in white from IKEA Singapore. Taurus: Soft Black
Black can be an intimidating colour at first glance, but its boldness makes it a good colour for Taurians in 2019. In 2019, you may feel lost at times or uncertain about moving forward. The colour black strengthens and empowers you.   However, you must be careful as Taurians cannot be completely overshadowed by the colour black. Too much black can still be depressing or mentally claustrophobic to nature loving Taurus. To avoid it becoming too suffocating, it is also advised that you use black in areas where there is good, bright lighting to highlight the sleekness of the colour.   For a boost of confidence early in the morning, having a sleek black framed mirror in the bathroom is both stylish and useful. Use black as an accent colour; meaning it’s used to help make other colours brighter or bring in some small contrast to the room. Black in the workspace is also encouraged and is much easier than first thought. It can come in the form of a comfortable office chair, the dark wood of a work desk or even in the frames of pictures.   We recommend: Cornerblock Shelf in black from Grafunkt or Umbra’s Hub Round Mirror in bezel black from HipVan. Gemini: Sky Blue
Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini is often associated with the colour sky blue. A colour that is popular among the majority, sky blue is often associated with communication, spirituality and peace. As a lighter shade of blue, it also helps to promote a more welcoming and friendly environment, especially to guests.   Sky blue can be used quite liberally within the house. It is not an intrusive colour, meaning you can easily use it in areas of rest; such as the bedroom or lounge area. Having a dash of sky blue in the home can help to alleviate tensions and even downplay conflicts, thanks to its calming and soothing effect. However, too much sky blue can make it difficult to concentrate.   Many people may opt for painting their walls sky blue. If you want to, you can go all the way with theming and pair up the colour with white to make it seem like your room is really floating in the clouds. This matches up well with the fact that Gemini is an air sign, helping to strengthen and empower the positive characteristics of Geminians. Sky blue bedsheets or even a wardrobe can help promote better sleep and relaxation.   We recommend: SMEG Toaster in pastel blue or the Teen Daisy Chair in pastel blue from Decordinary Gemini: Bright Orange
The ever cheerful and optimistic Geminian benefits from the rich hue of a bright orange in 2019. Not only does it help to bring in additional cheer and boost a Geminian’s own strengths and mentality, it is also projected to be a lucky colour for Gemini individuals in 2019. Orange is also known as a social colour, making it easier for the lovable Geminian to increase their social circles in 2019.   As a warm colour, bright orange can be very inviting and friendly. However, it is also a very strong colour, so it should be used sparingly. Orange can be very fun and open, but too much orange can make it hard to concentrate or meditate on problems. It should be avoided in areas of rest and be matched with cooler colours to help balance out its energy and vibrancy.   It takes only a little bit of orange to completely warm up a room. Curtains, vases or sofa pillows are perfect places to add orange to. It can also be used on walls either in the forms of wallpaper or pictures. However, it is best to avoid painting a wall or entire room completely orange. It helps to break up orange with other colours. We recommend: Adult Rabbit Chair from Qeeboo or the Shag Skinny Stripe Mat in orange from Chilewich Gemini: Reddish brown
Not everyone likes the bright vibrancy of orange and that is alright. Luckily Geminians have another colour that is set to bring them luck for the year of 2019. Reddish brown also carries much of orange’s inviting and warm tendencies, but is not as intense, nor does it try to take over other cooler colours. This is a perfect colour for the sociable Geminian who wants to make friends, but may not be the partying or very extroverted type.   Reddish brown also goes better with other colours, being a warm colour that complements both cool and hot colours from blues to reds. It also introduces a more natural appearance or atmosphere to your household. As many trees take on a reddish brown colour, it is easy to find the colour when browsing for wooden furniture.   Aside from bringing in wooden chairs, sofas or cabinets into your household, you can also invest in paintings of nature that include reddish brown trees. If you want to move away from the woodsy look, the colour is also used for marble, stone and even glass in some tinted windows. It is also popularly used in framing photos.   We recommend: The Kai Shelves 118 in russet from Grafunkt or the Tuvalie throw from IKEA Singapore Cancer: Light Sea Blue
Associated with the water and the moon, the Cancerian naturally shares a bond with a watery blue. Unlike other water signs though, Cancer is a much softer and more sensitive sign; indicative of lighter and less violent waters. Thus, Cancerians are associated with a much lighter ocean shade of blue to reflect their empathetic nature.   This light sea blue is associated with communication, which is good for Cancer as Cancerians may often have trouble getting their feelings through honestly and directly. It is also a soothing colour that can help keep Cancerians calm and collected, even when they feel that they are on edge. This makes it a good colour for a bedroom, creating a safe space where Cancerians can retreat to, to relax and work out their emotions.   As mentioned above, light blue can be used for wall colours given its subtle and restful nature. If you are tired of the usual white bedsheets or pillows, you can swap them out for a light sea blue. You may just find that your sleep has improved once you make the small quick change. While blue can be extremely calming and easy to implement, be careful as too much blue can be too cold and depressing.   We recommend: Basic Daily Quilt Cover Set in light blue from IUIGA or the Pyramid Placemat in blue from Rapee Cancer: Light Red
This may seem like a bit of a strange colour for the tender hearted Cancerian, but red actually helps to reflect the inner fire that burns within every Cancerian. Furthermore, the colour red is set to be a colour of luck and passion for Cancers entering the year 2019. As Cancerians are water signs, a lighter, less intrusive red is recommended.   Lighter reds are also better suited to Cancerians who are very sensitive to their surroundings and can pick up on the energies of colours easier than others. Having a few dashes of red can give Cancerians a secret boost of confidence, especially in their own household. However, Cancerians should still be careful as red can be a colour of agitation, especially given their sensitivities.   As lighter shades of red can be less noticeable, it is a good idea to either pair it up with cool colours such as blue or white so that it stands out or with other warm, but not too strong colours, such as browns. Cancerians should avoid colours like green though, which is not only unsuitable for them in 2019, but may clash with the colour red.   We recommend: Retro Metal High Stool with Wooden Seat in red from FortyTwo or the Albero Coat Hanger in red from Home and Style Cancer: Silver
Another colour commonly associated with Cancerians, silver is often associated with the moon. In Feng Shui, silver is also associated with the element of metal which gives off a purifying and sharp energy. Likewise, silver often represents modernism and clarity. This makes it an excellent colour for the often mentally and emotionally focused Cancerian.   Silver is also used to help define boundaries and borders, making it good for when Cancerians need to define personal spaces or territories. However, be careful, as too much silver can make a home seem too cold or unwelcoming to those living there as well as guests who visit. Silver should be used sparingly with warmer, more inviting colours.   Silver is a colour often used in homes to convey a sense of being up-to-date or technologically-inclined. You don’t need to go out and buy all the latest shiny new tech to incorporate the colour silver into your home though. The kitchen is one place where silver can feature prominently, which may be ideal for those who spend a lot of time professionally cooking. If you don’t, stick to small silver accessories.   We recommend: Counterstore Kitchen Worktop Organiser in silver from Joseph Joseph or the Pineapple Silver Bowl from Decoriia Leo: Rich Purple
Known as the colour of royalty, purple helps to embody the regality and royal nature of a Leo. It’s apt, as the lion is often seen as the king of animals. Purple also tends to represent wisdom and wealth. It also represents the crown chakra; which represents spirituality and a higher power.   Purple is an intimidating colour to use, but the fearless Leo should be able to wield it properly in their household. It shouldn’t be used liberally though, and should not be in a place where you welcome guests or have family gatherings, as purple is a very introverted colour and is not suited to entertaining social gatherings.   In the world of interior decoration, there are many shades of purple, but the best for Leo tend to be rich purples such as amethyst or plum purples. They are good shades to incorporate into your personal space, such as a bedroom or your home office as they are empowering and help to bolster the natural strengths and wisdom of a Leo. It is a good idea to balance out these shades with cool tones such as greys or creams.   We recommend: Velvet Cushion Cover in plum from Rapee or the Cavali Arm Chair Purple from FortyTwo Leo: Gold
Another royal colour, there is no doubt that the proud and powerful lion is best represented by the equally proud and powerful colour gold. Often a metallic colour, gold can make a home a palace if used correctly. However, as with the case of pride, too much gold can come off as gaudy or as an eye sore. Luckily, it only takes a little bit of gold to make a statement.   In Feng Shui, gold is considered a colour to attract luck, especially wealth and monetary gain. Gold is also a warm colour that can be very inviting and friendly if paired with other warm and humble colours like orange or red. It is known to help promote happiness and sociability.   Some of you may be wondering how exactly you can bring gold into your home, but you don’t need to bring the actual metal to represent the colour. Brass still has a very beautiful gold hue to it and is often used in different kinds of furniture. Try to avoid using it in furniture such as sofas or chairs though if you would rather go for comfort than looks. Having a brass vase or a decorative centerpiece in any room would be enough.   We recommend: Octavio Wall Mirror from Castlery or the Whimsical Table Lamp from Decoriia Leo: Cream
Many people will often mistake cream for white. They are in fact two entirely different colours. While white is often seen as a sterile and pure colour, cream is much warmer and more inviting. Not coincidently, cream is often considered a royal or noble colour as well.   Some people prefer cream over white as it does not get as dirty as easily. It also helps add a little bit of colour, unlike white, and be seen as more welcoming to others. However, you should be careful as cream can become too boring or dull if used too much. And Leo definitely isn’t boring or dull.   Still, using the colour in curtains or a table cloth can add a royal, almost fanciful atmosphere to the room. If you are looking to impress guests, cream coloured furniture can make them feel as if they’re visiting the home of a noble family. Pair this colour with gold or purples to create a truly extravagant atmosphere that avoids being boring. Cream bed sheets can make your bedroom feel bigger and more grand as well.   We recommend: Ronny Dining Chair with Cream Cushion from FortyTwo or the Camille Knitted Throw Blanket in cream from HipVan Virgo: Beige
The ever reliable Virgo, housed under the planet Mercury, needs a colour that is just as reliable and solid as they are. Luckily, the skin toned beige is a conservative, practical and respectable colour. There is a saying amongst artists that you can never go wrong with beige, and that holds true even in home decor, especially for 2019.   Beige is a colour found in many homes, if only because it is often the default colour to go to when you aren’t sure what else to choose. This is because it is a colour that represents practicality and conservatism. It is not very eye catching or bright, which may cause people to take it for granted, but that’s not its job. It is meant to blend into the background and act as a safe colour that does not distract or take away from the environment.   Aside from the colour of walls, beige can be used in any number of things, from furniture such as sofas or chairs to table cloths or even appliances. However, if you do creative work, it is best to avoid the colour as it is often too safe and isn’t stimulating enough to help you come up with ideas. Beige is also a good colour for the bedroom, but it’s not very exciting.   We recommend: Argento Flora Kettle in jasmine beige from De’Longhi or the VIMLE3-seat sofa in beige from IKEA Singapore Virgo: Wine Red
Wine red is a darker and sometimes purplish shade of red. Unlike the bright scarlet or brownish red, wine red is often considered a sophisticated and mature colour. This suits the Virgoan’s enhanced maturity and logical reasoning ability. Wine red also helps to add a boost of colour to Virgoans’ lives in 2019 without becoming disrupting or appearing too gaudy.   The colour is not only indicative of social status in ancient Victorian times, but also holds an underlying sense of adventure and thrill that Virgoans often keep under the wraps of their professionalism. It is a colour that only those closest to you will be able to see.   This makes it a good and personal colour to use in your bedroom, either in the form of curtains or even bedsheets. Even though it is subtler than its other cousins of red, you should still remember not to go overboard with it. It can still be very striking, and too much can still promote aggression or impulsive feelings. A little bit though, can do wonders for couples especially; bringing about some amount of romance and thrill in o the bedroom on a Virgoan’s own terms.   We recommend: Minimalist red wine rug from Lazada, or the Red Cotton Cushion by Bloomingville Virgo: Magenta
Going down the spectrum, the next ideal colour for Virgo in 2019 is magenta. Magenta is a very dark pinkish red. This colour combines the best of both pink and red and is a playful colour, but more subdued and mature in its darker tone. It can help to bring out a more adventurous and open side to Virgoans.   The colour is great for social gatherings amongst a more mature or adult crowd. It helps people to open up without losing their inhibitions. This can be great for Virgoans who tend to prefer more grounded and intellectual environments.   Thus, this is a good colour to use in your living room or areas where you invite guests into, such as the dining hall. It is still a strong colour though, so it is advised you avoid using it in areas such as sofas or to paint complete walls. Instead, small dashes of the colour used in pillowcases or even magenta coloured flowers would be enough to set a very friendly, but mature mood. It is a good idea to offset this colour with whites or creams.   We recommend: Magenta pillow covers from Etsy or the Trattviva Bedspread from IKEA Singapore Libra: Navy Blue
Libras are all about balance. Ruled by Venus, a perfect colour for them is navy blue. Navy blue is a colour that represents both the sky and the sea — setting a perfect balance between the spiritual nature of the sky and the grounded wisdom of water. Navy blue is also a colour that represents free speech, wisdom and most importantly, fairness.   Like other blues, it carries an inherent calming and soothing effect. The strong shade of navy blue though, imbues it with a much stronger sense of confidence and forward-thinking. Navy blue is also a colour of self-expression and helps encourage brainstorming and expressiveness in 2019.   For Libra individuals, navy blue is a good colour to use in a study room or home library, as it promotes concentration and a studious attitude. Try to avoid using navy blue as colours for curtains or large pieces of furniture as the colour can become too depressive when used in bulk. When used for wall colours, it helps to break up the pattern with either other cool wall colours or furniture in different colours. Navy blue can also be used in the bedroom, but remember, too much can bring down the mood and be far too calming.   We recommend: Lindie Oblong Cushion in blue from Rapee or the Velvet Russell Dining Chair in royal blue from HipVan Libra: Maroon
Sometimes also known as the colour of chestnuts, maroon is a dark reddish brown colour, but is much lighter than most brownish reds. This colour can act as a balance to the cool and calm of blue for Libra individuals, but does not completely destroy the other colour. Maroon is often considered the colour of sophisticated wit.   Like other shades of red, it helps to invigorate and stimulate. It is an especially ambitious and warm social colour, but it also encourages confidence and serious thoughts. When faced with maroon, Libras may feel as if they have a sudden boost to their own concentration and power. However as it is such a strong colour, it must be wielded carefully. Too much of it can encourage arrogance.   Since the colour is so dark, it does well to pair it with greys or other cool colours to keep it from becoming overwhelming. Go with only tiny amounts of it in any one room. It is also a sensual colour, giving it power and passion in the bedroom, be it in the form of bedsheets or pillows. Avoid using it for curtains as it can easily block natural light and make a room look unnatural.   We recommend: Maverick Armchair in Oxblood Red from Scene Shang or the Eat Drink Be Merry Wall Art in Maroon from Etsy Libra: Jade Green
Jade is not only the colour of a precious stone, but it is also the colour of trust, confidentiality, wisdom and generosity. All of which are positive traits of Libra that can be better enhanced by incorporating the colour into your household.   Jade green is a very trendy and versatile colour as well, giving many homes a new modern twist without completely jumping away from the standard. In this way, it gives an added boost of confidence; especially when you invite others over to view your home. While you can easily bring in the colour through using actual jade; such as vases, decorative items or statues, a good quality of green jade can be expensive.   Luckily, other ways you can bring the natural colour into your home is in the form of jade green curtains or pillows. The colour itself is bright, so it doesn’t need to be used a lot to be noticed properly. Jade green desk ornaments can help when you’re studying or working. The colour is also a popular tile and textile colour, making it easy to find when decorating bathrooms or kitchens. The colour also gives a more natural feel to these areas, making easier to go about with your business there.   We recommend: Baxter Jade Green Wool Rug from Crate and Barrel or the Opal Bench in Gold Legs (Velvet Green) from FortyTwo Scorpio: Jet Black
It is encouraged that most other signs use black minimally. As it is such a strong and intimidating colour, that it can be difficult to handle in excess. Not for the mysterious and beautifully divine Scorpio though. Ruled by Mars, it is only Scorpio that truly understands the beauty and hidden strength of the colour black for 2019.   Black is an introspective and protective colour. In ancient times, it was used to ward away evil spirits. It is also much more expressive, but in a subtler and softer way than any other colours. While black in excess should still be avoided, in the case for Scorpio, it can be used much more liberally, as long as you have other cooler and brighter colours to help balance it properly.   For Scorpios, you may feel most at home with the colour black. Luckily, it can be used in almost every area of your home; such as the kitchen, work space, bedroom and bathroom. Many appliances come in a sleek and modern black colour nowadays; such as fridges, stoves and so on. Avoid using black that is too dull; especially avoid it for curtains, bedsheets or any large area of surface. Too much of it in one area can cause you to be too introverted.   We recommend: Ingram Working Desk in black from Home and Style or the BAO Bamboo Ladder in blackfrom Scene Shang Scorpio: Dark Red
If black isn’t quite your style, you can substitute it with a dark red — it also brings about the energies of introspection, mystery and confidence, but doesn’t encourage as much introversion. Scorpios can still feel at home with a very dark red shade in their households. The colour itself also has a bit of a seductive edge that Scorpios tend to show towards their closest loved ones.   Again, not many signs may be able to handle the mystery and proper beauty of such a dark colour, but Scorpios have been blessed with the ability to control it and surround themselves in it without feeling bogged down. However, remember not to retreat too much into that shell of beauty; you still need to have brighter colours to encourage being more social and open with others.   It may help to bring in dark shades of red into the bedroom — it can bring a new sense of passion and intimacy to couples. However, remember the bedroom isn’t just for passion; it helps to bring in brighter colours to help you sleep or just relax. Still, keeping an extra set of dark red sheets or pillows to bring out for more intimate times can act as a great signal to your partner.   We recommend: Gronlid Chaise Lounge in dark red from IKEA Singapore or Laholm’s Slug Pendant Lamp in matte red from HipVan Scorpio: Violet
Scorpios may not be comfortable with brighter colours and indeed, in 2019, you need not go out of your comfort zone. Bright colours like green or orange won’t bring you much luck either so it is recommended you keep them to a minimal in your home. If you want to bring in something brighter though, violet is the right colour for you.   One of the shades of purple; violet still brings in a beautiful sense of power and confidence, but without the restriction that other purple shades may give. Unlike black or dark red, violet also helps to encourage Scorpio to be a bit more open and to be willing to express their creativity with other people.   Actual violet flowers or violet-coloured florals can bring the colour into your home and add a touch of nature to your abode. They aren’t fixed as well, allowing you to set flowers in any room at any spot that you choose. Other ways to incorporate the colour is through table linens, chair lining or as light patterns on walls. It is a strong colour, and too much can still be too bright and uncomfortable for Scorpio, so use it sparingly.   We recommend: Emmiel Chair with Gold Legs in purple from FortyTwo or a bouquet of bright violet flowersfrom Charlotte Puxley Flowers Sagittarius: Chocolate Brown
Ruled by Jupiter, there is a warm and indulgent side to Sagittarians that most might not see. Luckily, chocolate brown is a colour that not only sounds tasty, but is also nurturing, rooted in logic and quietly loving. This colour also helps to tame some of the Sagittarian’s impulses, allowing them to keep an even more mellow attitude when facing challenges and problems.   While chocolate brown can provide a very cosy and friendly atmosphere, it should not be used in excess. While not very bright, chocolate brown can become increasingly dull and drag down a Sagittarian’s creativity and wit if used in excess. It can encourage laziness or overindulgence due to its mellow nature.   However, this makes it a good colour to use in places like your bedroom or lounge area; where you are supposed to relax in the first place. A colour often found in wood; it can be used to design wardrobes, dressers or full-sized tables. Have it sporadically through a home, since it is so easy to utilise. It may not always be the most noticeable colour in the room, but its presence will give you some sense of calm even when you don’t realise it.   We recommend: Ikigai Wooden Bowl from Kiyolo or the Ottoman Coffee Table in brown from Home and Style Sagittarius: Neon Green
Sagittarians live for bright colours and this year, neon green is a colour set to bring you luck and fortune in 2019. So it is advised you always keep it close at hand. And what better place to have it than in your own home?   Green is also the colour of the heart chakra, a chakra that represents things such as love, expressing your creative spirit, generosity and friendship — all the things that Sagittarians are known for. Green can help encourage you to expand your social circles and reach out as a nurturing soul to others. At the same time, the bright neon colour makes you stand out amongst the rest. So if you wanna put a spotlight on your own home, include this cheerful colour.   Now, because neon green is so bright and eye catching, the less you use of it, the more it will stand out against other duller and less bright colours. While you can’t find natural plants that sport this bright colour, ornamental fake plants can sometimes come in neon green. This neon green can also be used as decorative patterns on other colours of wall paint.   We recommend: C-Pump Single-Handed Soap Dispenser in green from Joseph Joseph or the Four Seasons Condiment & Spices Shakers Set from Kiyolo Sagittarius: Neon Orange
Like neon green, neon orange is another colour that looks to bring Sagittarians luck in the coming year of 2019. Another colour of creativity, neon orange encourages people to socialise and have fun in groups. It is a colour that enjoys other colours and likewise, other people.   Sagittarians will thrive around this colour, especially if they are with their family or friends. It is a colour that encourages the more extroverted and people-loving side of Sagittarians. It is also a  very bright and strong colour, so it does not need to be used a lot in order to feel the effects of its presence. It is a good idea to use this colour in the living room or dining area, though not on the actual dining table itself as it can be an off-putting and overstimulating colour when eating.   You can incorporate the colour through vases or other decorative figures, flowers, table linen or even pictures with orange themes such as sunsets or fields. Neon orange isn’t recommended for wall colours, unless you are choosing to minimally incorporate them in children’s rooms as they can be too bright or childish for regular household uses.   We recommend: Heavy Base Low Tumbler in orange from Colortime or KONCEPT’s Equo Floor Lamp in orange from HipVan Capricorn: Grey
Born under the ruling planet of Saturn, Capricorns have always been associated with the professional and sophisticated colour of grey. Many may mistakenly call grey boring, just like how many may mistakenly call Capricorns boring at first glance. But in truth, both you and the colour aren’t boring, you just know when is the right time to have fun and when you need to be professional and serious for 2019.   Grey helps to bring out a Capricorn’s intelligent and analytical side. It isn’t a colour that looks to shock or surprise others. It doesn’t hurry or calm; it is a beautiful neutral and you should look to embrace that.   It is encouraged that you use grey in your work office or studio at home. It is a professional colour that can help stimulate serious attitudes. Conference calls from home should be done against a grey background. However, keep the colour to just your working spaces, as too much in places where you should relax can be dulling and make you feel as if you’re always stuck with your work. Aside from wall paint, appliances also often come in grey like lamps or fans.   We recommend: Concrete Everything Square Tray from Kiyolo or the Alto 2-seater sofa in grey from Originals Capricorn: Ivory White
Different from regular white, ivory white contains a special shine or sheen to it. While still containing a pure energy, it is different as it contains a more regal coloration. Known as the colour of precious animal tusks, ivory is able to invoke an exotic atmosphere.   Ivory white can make any room feel unique and enchanting to look at. At the same time, it retains a sense of maturity and sophistication that normal white does not bring. Ivory also helps to make a room feel more homely, though be careful as too much ivory can become gaudy or even dull if not used properly. It also may get dirty easier than just white.   Ivory curtains or bedsheets are always popular, which can make your bedroom feel more grand and open, but less personal and warm. Ivory table linens or table cloths can also add a dash of extravagance to your dining area. Ivory in the kitchen or workspace should be avoided as it can be distracting and tends not to fit as well with the professional demeanour. If you want to make extra use of ivory’s energy, consider decorating with opal gems that bear the same colour.   We recommend: Candle Holder in white/gold from Maissone Home or the Classic White Bundle Set from Sojao Capricorn: Indigo
Unlike regular blues or purples, indigo is a beautiful mix of the two. Combining the communicative energies of blue with the intuitive energies of purple, indigo represents a connection to higher thought. It has also been known to help increase concentration and encourage honesty and open reflection.   It is partially romantic in that it is a colour of devotion and love, but also one of fair judgement. All in all, this makes it an ideal colour for Capricorns, even more so as it helps Capricorns to balance both their mental and emotional health. This is also a good way to bring some colour into your life without disrupting the natural balance of other colours in your home.   Indigo may seem like a rather new age and strange colour to bring into your home. However, this can be done in any number of ways. From natural indigo flowers to spice up your living room to small hints of purple along the trimmings of floors or doorways. If you want to be subtle, Capricorn can choose to opt for a more greyish indigo colour to use on walls or furniture. Try to use indigo in areas such as the lounge or meditative areas. Avoid it in work spaces.   We recommend: Bamboo Vase in indigo from Scene Shang or the Versa bean bag by SG Beans in purplefrom FortyTwo Aquarius: Ultramarine Blue
Always the unique butterfly, Aquarians deserve a colour that is just as unique and “out there” as they are. In comes ultramarine blue; also known as one of the most expensive colours in the world. Don’t worry though as with the invention of paint mixing and fabric dyes, this colour has become fairly affordable for home décor in 2019.   Ultramarine blue is a colour that encourages thinking outside of the box. It is entirely unique and encourages both individualism as well as socialism with others in your own unique way. Aquarians may feel very at home with ultramarine in their home, especially in their personal bedrooms or work offices where they can truly relax and let their imaginations flow freely.   Ultramarine can be used as a beautiful wall colour, and Aquarians may be all too eager to paint up their entire rooms. It is a good idea to pair it with other spectacular colours such as gold or white just to highlight it more. Ultramarine can also be used for cupboards or wardrobes, but it is likely you will have to source out the colours yourself as it can be a hard colour to find in the conventional market. Which is exactly why it’s perfect for you.   We recommend: Cow Hide Rug in herringbone aqua from Nook and Cranny or Stitches and Tweed’s Citori Cushion in blue from HipVan Aquarius: Silver Grey
This may be a bit of a difficult year for Aquarius, which is why you may find comfort in using the colour silvery grey in your home. Not just a normal grey, silvery grey not only appeals to Aquarians’ desire to stand out and be unique, but it can also help to set the boundaries that they may not always realise they need in 2019.   Silvery grey is much brighter than the normal tones of grey, giving it a more playful and also higher spirituality than normal grey. At the same time, it is still a colour that aids in maintaining professionalism and keeping one focused on tasks that may otherwise be tedious or drawn out.   Use it in your home office or areas in your home where you sit down to sort out the taxes. It can be as simple as having a silver grey cabinet to house your documents or having a light silver grey wallpaper which you can use whenever your boss needs to conference call you at home. Avoid this colour in the bedroom or lounge area as it can be too cold and unwelcoming.   We recommend: Platinum GEOMETRIC vase from Decoriia or the Spontan Magnetic Board from IKEA Singapore Aquarius: Turquoise
Another vibrant and completely unique colour for Aquarians, turquoise may be a bit easier to incorporate into your home compared to ultramarine. It is also somewhat easier to find on the market, but is still a very modern and sleek colour which pairs well with an Aquarian’s out of the box nature.   Turquoise is another colour that stimulates individual thinking and brainstorming. It is a creative and bright colour that can be very welcoming to those who favour intellectual stimulation above all else. It is a mentally stimulating colour and can work wonders for those who have a frazzled mind space and need something to help bring their thoughts together.   The actual turquoise stone can be used to decorate around your home, be it ornamental decorations or vases. Of course, you don’t need to go hunting for the stone itself. Turquoise, as a colour, is great as table linen or wallpaper; as long as you don’t choose a shade that is too bright or overwhelming. If you own fish, it is a very calming colour for their tanks and gives a special spark to them in your household.   We recommend: Turquoise Casablanca Decanter from luulaa or the Hanford 2 Seater Sofa in tiffany from Castlery Pisces: Aqua Blue
Pisces, known as the twin fishes sometimes, will always have a prominent connection with aqua blue colours. This will be an especially important bond in the year 2019. Aqua blue, sometimes known as ocean blue, is a fairly popular colour to use in your household, but only a few can truly gain from its presence.   Aqua blue is known to represent communication, honesty, cultivation of internal reflection and empathy. This will be especially important for Pisceans in the upcoming year who may feel there are challenges that may halt their creativity at times. When inspiration is sparse, you can at least turn to your household to find some comfort.   Aqua blue is a great wallpaper colour and it is encouraged that you try to include it in some instance in your bedroom. As a restful colour, it can be used as bedsheets, pillow cases and even wardrobes. Though, be careful as too much blue can bring down the mood in a room. It can also be used in home offices where you are brainstorming, but less in the living room or lounge as while it can promote discussion, it may not be the most social colour.   We recommend: Blue cabinet from Originals or the Picanto 2 Seater Sofa with Matt Black Epoxy Leg in aquamarine from Home and Style Pisces: Sea Green
Another ocean-esque colour, sea green is a combination of the mellows of blues and the bright friendliness of green, creating a beautiful shade that can help Pisceans feel more at ease and open to others in 2019.   It is a colour that can be paired with aqua blue as well to create an oceanic theme in your home or be used individually to take advantage of its social and nurturing energy. It can help in bringing people closer together, so it is a good colour to consider using in lounges, living rooms or areas where you gather with family or friends.   The easiest way to bring this colour into your home is through plants. However, it may be hard to find that specific colour in plants. Once more, if you own pet fishes with a proper tank, it is a colour that you can easily bring into their aquariums with false seaweed or real underwater plants. This colour can also be used as table linens, plant pots or even bowls.   We recommend: Laura Sofa Bed in sea green from HipVan or the Tropical Leaf Plate (32cm) from Decoriia Pisces: Pale Yellow
To bring in a sunnier colour into your life, pale yellow is another good sociable colour. It is all about optimism and mental stimulation. As a slightly paler version of yellow, it reigns in some of the energy of yellow, providing a more mellow presence.   Pale yellow, which can also be described as sun-faded yellow, helps to nurture the Pisceans’ social side, allowing them to be more open with others and honest about their ideas or opinions. It is a good colour to have in your lounge or dining area. However, use it sparingly, as even though it’s paler than sunnier yellows, it is still a powerful colour.   The easiest way to bring this colour into your household is decorating your home with yellow plants like carnations, small sunflowers or yellow daisies. Otherwise, pictures of such flowers will be enough to bring the shade in. Pale yellow is also a good decorative colour; which can be used to accent and compliment other colours. You can use this colour to decorate your bedroom, however, it is very stimulating so remember to keep it to a minimum so that it does not interrupt your sleep.   We recommend: Large Yellow Cabinet from Originals or the Sunshine Yellow bouquet from Hello Flowers!