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Cleanse Your Feed With These Minimalist Instagram Accounts

New year, new Instagram feed. Do some digital de-cluttering and follow these seven accounts that celebrate the "less is more" adage.

#5: @fredericforest

New limited prints with a new format at (eshop link below)…

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Man waiting – Etude from @paulzivkovich – All drawings of Frederic Forest are protected by the provisions of the Code of Intellectual Property and belong to Frédéric Forest. Do not to infringe the intellectual property rights relating to such elements and in particular to reproduce, display, modify, adapt, translate, extract and / or reuse a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part, to the excluding acts necessary for their normal and according to specifications. Frédéric Forest owns his work reproduction rights. Any reproduction thereof is prohibited and constitutes an infringement to its detriment. Any full or partial reproduction of a work of Frédéric Forest is strictly prohibited and may constitute unlawful reproduction of a work is liable to be prosecuted for counterfeiting by the rightholder in the work, cf. L.335-2 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property. The sale of a work does not transfer to its owner the right to reproduction and presentation of the work. No right of exploitation and particularly any commercial use of the rights granted under Article 9 of the Intellectual Property shall be considered as reserved to Frédéric Forest. Any license a third party will be subject to prior negotiation and agreement with Frédéric Forest. – Registered by bailiff – Following UCC – #fredericforest #fineart #instaart #man #figurative #figuredrawing #drawing #art #figurativedrawing #postfigurative #academicdrawing #contemporary #contemporarydrawing #style #body #beauty #simple #simplicity #line #linedrawing #アート #絵 #スタイル #裏地付き #美しさ #最小限 #集中線 #様式

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What: The Paris-based artist who has contributed to Vogue Australia and Kinfolk.

Why follow it: Forest’s line and charcoal drawings are so pleasing to the (trained or untrained) eye – and it’s all thanks to their simplicity and how perfectly uncomplicated they appear. Monochrome lovers, too, will definitely dig this feed.