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Enter NomadX: A Digitally-Powered Multi-Label Concept Store In Singapore

Online meets offline at Plaza Singapura's latest concept store.

Singapore’s first “phygital” (portmanteau: physical and digital) multi-label concept space NomadX has opened its doors, and the new technologies the experiential spot offers is in itself worth the trip down. From automated store assistance with smart mirrors to interactive product walls and cashless payment (via the CapitaStar app), it’s a fun and unique shopping trip that will enhance your experience. Plus, the two-storey space will house new retailers as well as the physical stores of online brands for the first time, and products exclusive only to NomadX. Above, the eight stores you have to check out at NomadX this weekend.

NomadX is at #01-67 and #03-65 to 69 (the space formerly occupied by Hamleys), Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839. Opens daily from 10am to 10pm.

Singapore fashion label Revolte has launched one of Turkey’s au courant bag brands, Mlouye at its store at NomadX. Exclusive to the space, the bags from Mlouye (prices range from $433 to $664) are for those who are minimalist at heart — you will adore the clean cut silhouettes and aesthetically pleasing structures, not to mention they are all crafted in high quality cow leather. Mamonde
You’d be able to find a wide range of products from popular South Korean skincare brand Mamonde’s store in NomadX, but what’s interesting is the brand will be displaying an interesting interactive screen at its store for the first time. There, shoppers will be able to compare a selected range of merchandise side by side to get a deeper understanding of them and make an informed decision on which is the best product suited for their skin. We recommend their new Flower Toner Series (a 250ml bottle costs $25) — these bottles of miracle solutions are richly packed with a variety of flower extracts for a smoother, healthier complexion. But go on down to the store to check them out for yourself. Karl Lagerfeld
At the first level of this multi-label retail space, you will be able to find bags and accessories from Karl Lagerfeld’s Pins Collection that will be exclusive to NomadX. This collection is doused with silver-toned sparkly pins that scream fun and flirty — a perfect accompaniment to your party dress this Christmas. Prices range from $199 for their printed cashmere scarf to $699 for the fringed leather bucket bag pictured above. Oo La Lab
Homegrown fragrance mixology label, Oo La Lab, has launched its first-ever specialty store at NomadX. At their shop, you will be able to purchase their eponymous Eau de Parfum Oo La Lab Mixology Kit ($188) and play chemist in the comfort of your home to create a one-of-a-kind aroma based on your preference. Super fun. If you’re looking to prep your apartment with soothing scents before a house party, limited edition signature candles in 500g ($88) or 1kg ($128) sizes will also be available at their outlet. Style Theory
Bringing their digital rental service to an offline retail space, Style Theory is one of the stores you have to visit. Why? Their physical shop at NomadX features the ‘Smart Wardrobe of the Future’, where mirrors are enhanced with RFID technology and serve as fashion advisors. Shoppers are able to get an in-depth rundown on the product, price, sizing and other recommendations with just a simple flash of the garment in front of the mirrors. How cool is that? The mirrors currently work for a selected number of products, but we’re excited to see what else they can do. Get $30 off the first month’s subscription when you subscribe to Style Theory at NomadX ($99 instead of $129). teapasar
Tea lovers will like this one. teapasar, a Singapore-founded marketplace for all things tea-related, has set up its first brick and mortar store in NomadX. Featuring over 300 different teas from both local and international brands and plantations, customers are able to sample teas based on their preferences before making a purchase. The coolest part? Teas from teapasar are identified with their ProfilePrint technology, where you’ll get the lowdown on the leaves’ origin, terroir, cultivar and harvest date by using a metabolomic fingerprinting model that was developed by the NUS Food Science and Technology Programme and A*STAR’s BioTrans. This machine assesses the taste profile of each tea and its organic composition before matching it to your taste preferences according to your bio. JBL
This is JBL’s first-ever store in Singapore, so expect it to be filled with their coolest and latest products. Get your hands on products built-in with the ultra-intelligent Google Assistant, such as voice-activated speakers — the JBL Link series — with artificial intelligence to aid you in your everyday tasks such as streaming music, solving your queries and controlling other smart devices around your home (i.e. Smart TV). All you have to do is to activate them with simple voice commands like “Hi, Google” and “Ok, Google”. We’re sold. By Peapods
K-beauty lovers, you’re in for a treat. By Peapods will be retailing Singapore’s first “CF Magic Mask” (from $75 to $730) that will be exclusive to NomadX. For beauty junkies suffering from acne scars, redness and blemishes, this facial LED light therapy magic mask promises to solve those woes and reduce pain and inflammation by boosting your skin’s metabolism that helps in the regeneration of skin cells. Furthermore, their Spatulaworks natural skincare products are gentle to your skin as they contain zero traces of alcohol and synthetic surfactant. You don’t need to convince us further.