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Here's What October Has In Store For You, Based On Your Horoscope

It’s a short slide into the end of the year now as 2019 accelerates to a close. Make sure you’re prepared with these October horoscope tips.
Work   Now is not the time to stir up drama or start debates. You may feel like you’re walking on eggshells around your bosses or colleagues. While you should never play the submissive employee, be careful about voicing your opinions or indulging in office gossip. It may be better if you can take jobs or projects that have you working outside of your usual office place. Continue being productive, but try to do so in a new environment where people will be more willing to focus on your passion rather than your faults.   Romance   Like last month, Aries is still quite occupied with career. However, tensions start to run a bit high in October. You may find that it is easier to get frustrated or set off your partner. Single Aries may find difficulty in forming connections. Despite this, October can be a month for great advances in relationships, but only if Aries can handle the test that this month puts forward. Don’t give into your temper, instead, approach conflicts with an open mind and willingness to listen and compromise. You are the rock that can help you and your partner get through this difficult period, so take a deep breath and count to 10 before you enter any conversation.   Health   Mar’s energy continues to affect Aries so you will have to take extra care regarding health. It helps if you avoid walking the wire and risking your physical health. Remember to take regular breaks and don’t strain yourself or force an all-nighter. Most importantly, be careful about your diet. Aries may feel tempted to pour themselves a drink or indulge in some sweets to get rid of stress. Instead, refresh your mind with hydrating water and substitute snacks with sweet fruits like mango, apples or persimmons. Your body will thank you.   Finances   Finances will play a big part in October for Aries. Not the most thrifty sign, Aries can be prone to making impulse purchases or trying to impress others with money. However, this month, you will have to learn to start budgeting and set limits to your expenditure. Money may be a major discussion point between couples who have to take into account each other’s spending and household spending together. The earlier you start acknowledging the need for budgets, the better off you will be this month. Remember to double check all financial statements as well and have some rules for spending.   Lucky Dates: 2nd, 5th, 22nd, 23rd   Lucky Colour: Dull Grey   Taurus
Work   When it comes to October, Taurus may have to take on a lot of new responsibilities. Luckily, October blesses you with the strength and energy to handle everything that’s coming your way. Disagreements and conflicts may arise when trying to work with new business partners or colleagues. However, projects have the potential to bring new success and profit to the company if you can weather out these issues. Don’t be afraid to take some calculated risks or listen to the ideas of others. They can bring about small windfalls for you.   Romance   Again, Taurus will feel like they’ve been loaded with more responsibility this month. People seem to be vying for your attention, but only because they need you to solve their problems. While you may be tempted to just ignore them, this may lead to more conflicts than good. Instead, be supportive. At the same time, let them grow and learn on their own. You can guide your loved ones, but you cannot keep solving their problems for them. Most of the time, you will be busy trying to settle your own personal matters as well.   Health   The sun enters into Taurus’ house of debt and disease this month, advising Taurus to be cautious when it comes to their health.  This is the month that you should pamper yourself and avoid stressful situations. Beauty treatments or massages can do wonders for you, so find some time in your busy schedule to treat yourself. Most importantly, you must ensure you get enough rest and get a full eight hours of sleep at night. You will find you will be more ready to face the day after a full night’s rest.   Finances   Finances are a bit more stable than last month, but you aren’t fully out of the woods yet. You are in a better mindset to focus on shoring up your wealth and building a stable foundation for yourself but will have to spend time paying off old loans or investing in the long term. Money does not yet pour in, but you are creating the means to bring in your successes. You will have to make calculated judgements on the type of business or investments you put your resources towards this month. There are big decisions to be made and you’ll have to take time to properly evaluate the right choices.   Lucky Dates: 10th, 11th, 24th, 25th   Lucky Colour: Light Green Gemini
Work   Gemini walks a tightrope when it comes to their career. Things are finally settling down, but you are not out of the woods completely yet. Things are starting to move forward faster, and you will have to learn to trust your judgement and instinct in the heat of the moment. Luckily, October gives you the strength and energy to get through the obstacles or conflicts that may crop up this month. You are able to move forward with a much clearer mind and concentration than last month. So use this time well to strengthen your career.   Romance   When it comes to love and romance, Gemini is seeking something to spice up the domesticity of life. Both attached and single Geminis will find themselves becoming more social or seeking out more stimulating environments. Attached Gemini may spend more time with their family and start serious discussions to figure out what works and what doesn’t in their relationships. While single Geminis will be more sociable and have a higher chance to meet someone who fulfils more than just their need for stimulation. This is a fruitful month for Geminis, so get out there and start meeting new people.   Health   All the care you put towards your health last month will finally pay off in October. Geminis can feel the change in their health as well. You may feel much more inclined to start exercising or taking on a new workout routine to help improve your physical strength. You feel as if you have been blessed with the energy to pursue all your projects. Older Geminis may feel as if they’ve reclaimed some of their youthful spirit. Spend this time well and focus on achieving all that you want to achieve this month.   Finances   October is a bit of a tricky month for expenses. While you are enjoying yourself, you should also remember that there are hidden costs behind your enjoyment. Bills and family expenses may also increase this month. It is a good idea to be aware of how much you are spending and start consolidating budgets this month. It will help if you can keep a notebook of all your spending and refer back to it in order to account for where your money has gone. Avoid making any investments this month. Most of your income will come from your career.   Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 21st, 22nd   Lucky Colour: Silvery Blue Cancer
Work   This month brings a rush of work and challenges when it comes to your career. October seeks to further test out your commitment and passion for your business or career. You will have to stay on your toes and be prepared for all obstacles that may come your way. However, if you choose to disengage from work and take a holiday or vacation, it can help you avoid a lot of strife and hardship. Otherwise, hunker down and mentally prepare yourself for this month. This is a time for hard work, your success will come later.   Romance   Cancerians put their foot down this month. If you haven’t been receiving the attention you deserve from others, you will finally find the strength to call people out on their selfishness. Some of the stress from work may bleed over into your love life, making Cancerians a bit more prone to lashing out or starting conflicts. While arguments are never pleasant, they can be vital in helping couples grow and understand each other. Stand your ground, but approach conflicts with a mature attitude. Make sure you get what you are entitled to, but don’t add fuel to the fire as it’s already burning brightly this month.   Health   Mental and emotional health is especially important to Cancerians this month. This, in turn, may affect your physical health if you are not careful. Older Cancerians should be cautious when it comes to their joints or bones. Scheduling a checkup early can help catch any potential symptoms before they occur. Otherwise, all Cancerians should learn to set limits on their work. Taking a holiday this month is encouraged.   Finances   Luckily, you can relax somewhat when it comes to your finances. Though property and real estate may crop up in serious discussions, your financial situation is relatively stable. You can breathe a sigh of relief here. Keep up with any good practices or budgets as always, but don’t spend too much time on this area. If you are having legal or financial disputes with anyone, this is the month where things will be able to be divided cleanly amongst all parties. However, expect these discussions to be especially heated this month.   Lucky Dates: 10th, 11th,28th, 29th   Lucky Colour: Bright Orange   Leo
Work   October’s energy may frustrate Leo at first. Everywhere you turn, there seems to be some obstacle or person hindering your progression. If you want to find success, then learn that this month, your strength doesn’t just come from yourself. People will be your greatest asset, but only if you can recognise the potential and skill of those around you. Focus on building your dream team this month to tackle projects and different ventures. At the same time, avoid conflicts with higher-ups and ensure you properly evaluate your own subordinates. If someone is not meeting standards, they will be quickly dealt with this month.   Romance   This month will be about promoting strong relationship growth and family stability. Single Leos will have opportunities to meet people they can connect with and feel comfortable around. While fiery passions may dim a bit in favour of domestic cuddling and small talk, attached Leos can still enjoy the warmth that their families and partners provide. The home is a hotbed for soft sensual romance this month, becoming a comfort zone for many. It is advised that Leos connect with their current homes and avoid trips or travel this month if possible. Long- distance couples should seek out opportunities to meet in person this month.   Health   October gives a healthy boost to Leos who have been feeling lethargic, drained or exhausted. This month, Leos will be able to slowly recover their strength and build up their energy levels again. Mentally, many Leos are also growing comfortable with their surroundings and the routines they have created for themselves. While this is not yet the time to take on high risk or high energy sports, it is a good time to start training your muscles. However, always remember your limits. Often, Leos can become careless once they start feeling energetic, so don’t be reckless in your actions and make sure you practise being cautious.   Finances   Like calm waters, Leo’s wealth may stabilise this month. It is a comfortable area in your life that you do not need to put too much stake into. Minor or short-term investments may come to fruition this month. Now is not the time to take risks, but rather relax and be content with what you have. It is a good idea to study the market and revise your knowledge on the industries you wish to enter for future investment.   Lucky Dates: 7th, 8th, 23rd, 24th   Lucky Colour: Greenish Yellow Virgo
Work   Everything feels like it’s on fast-forward, things will be moving fast when it comes to your career. While Virgos will also have many opportunities coming their way, they will have to be on their toes to keep up. It is easy to get left behind or bogged down by the obstacles that appear in front of them. Virgos must learn to let go of smaller details and focus on the bigger picture. Once you stop worrying about micromanaging, you will see more opportunities for success and growth. Walk forward with confidence and this month will be a blessing for you.   Romance   View relationships through an objective and practical lens and seek to make the hard decisions — whether relationships need to be changed or have something else put as priority over feelings. This can be a good time for attached Virgos to discuss serious matters and relationship changes with their partners, while single Virgos should pursue relationships maturely. It can also make you appear cold or aloof on the outside. Ensure you reassure your loved ones that you are dedicating your head to your relationship now, but your heart will always be there as well.   Health   Virgos need to learn to relax this month. While your body is aware that it’s time to rest and just soak in what’s around you, your mind is reluctant to completely accept that. Now is the time you should tell yourself that it’s OK to take a breath and smell the roses. Slow down so you can just enjoy what life has to offer. Take up exercises that can relax your body and mind, such as meditation, yoga or tai chi. Slow down your pace of life, sometimes you will find that you will be more productive when you are taking things a bit slower.   Finances   Virgo needs to be a bit cautious with cash this month. Expenses look to increase, mostly due to household or family expenses. This is where Virgo may spend most of their attention. Now is the time where budgets should be adhered to, and monetary expenses discussed with loved ones or family. Make sure you allocate resources carefully. Now may not be the time to start investing or expanding as you will need to make sure you have a stable foundation first in order to move forward. Lucky Dates: 9th, 10th, 24th, 25th Lucky Colour: Violet Purple   Libra
Work   Libra has to march forward confidently this month. October promises to be much smoother than September, but only if Librans can pick themselves up and start taking back control. You will have to trust your instinct and judgement this month. Things aren’t going to fix themselves, so you must pull up your work trousers and start talking to your colleagues and partners. Everything starts with you. Be careful about starting any new projects this month though, before you have cleared up conflicts or reorganised your employees or resources. This month will be sure to keep you busy, but you’ll enjoy being able to finally take control of your career.   Romance   Mars passes into your sign this month, so many Librans may find themselves clashing with other signs. This is because Librans are starting to come into their own and find their individuality and independence. You starting to stand your ground, so you must be careful not to slip into submissiveness again. This can cause some conflicts amongst loved ones who may not have realised you’ve been feeling pushed around. Once more balance is important here; you cannot be too submissive nor too aggressive. Instead, seek out compromise. Harmony and balance are Libra’s strongest traits.   Health   You feel like a fire has been lit under you and you are ready to spend it all sorting out your life and health. Librans looking to get into a new workout routine or improve their current ones will find some accomplishment this month in working towards their goals. Mentally, you will be able to expand your intellectual horizons by exercising your mind with mental puzzles. However, remember your limits in whatever you do. Librans can easily burn themselves out. Try not to binge on sugary or high fat foods to keep yourself going this month, instead focus on fruits and vegetables.   Finances   Your financial situation walks a bit of a rocky ground this month. You may find more expenses crop up, especially as you reorganise and look over your career and household. This is not a good time to seek out financial partnerships or make investments into businesses. Don’t worry too much as there are no major negative dips or losses this month. Just ensure that you don’t make hasty financial decisions.   Lucky Dates: 2nd, 3rd, 28th, 29th   Lucky Colour: Baby Blue   Scorpio
Work   It feels like you’re entering a battle this month, so you will need to be on your guard. While you are moving forward with zeal and are creating many opportunities and achieving success for yourself, you may encounter many obstacles. This will come in the form of competitors both in and outside of your business. People may look to challenge your position and status this month, but you should not distract yourself by giving attention to these disputes. Set up safeguards for yourself by double checking your work, but don’t become side-tracked and focused on competition.   Romance   This month, conflicts or feelings of resentment will all be amplified. New couples may start to see the ‘other side’ of each other. It is a test on whether they believe they can accept all sides of their relationship. Mature couples will also experience some conflicts. Now may be a good time to take a break and put some distance between you and your loved ones. Whatever the case, learn not to take anything to heart. Scorpios will be able to see who truly supports and encourages them this month. Learn to appreciate these people in your life. Let down your walls just for a bit to fully thank and express gratitude to them.   Health   Scorpios may feel a bit overwhelmed as they come down from the good health of last month. October cautions you to be careful regarding your health, both mental and physical. Your immune system isn’t great and you are under a bit of pressure this month from your career and household. Take comfort in knowing that this period will eventually pass, but hunker down in the meanwhile and employ relaxation techniques. Meditation and yoga can be good at helping you destress. Take walks during your work breaks and avoid the temptation of junk food.   Finances   Money is an area where Scorpio can finally breathe and relax. Your financial situation is stable and disputes over money can be settled quickly with only a little bit of attention. There will be several small windfalls throughout the month that will make your hard work and perseverance all feel worth it. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit to treat yourself to something, to help you relax. Now is not the time to get into partnerships or joint ventures. Trust your judgement when it comes to investments and don’t let others sway or persuade you.   Lucky Dates: 9th, 10th, 27th, 28th   Lucky Colour: Jet Black   Sagittarius
Work   October is a month of choices and contemplation. People will both be a pain and a pleasure to you when it comes to work. While you may be favoured and praised by those in authority, your colleagues or subordinates may not be as friendly. While you should follow your suspicions, avoid conflicts or getting involved with any drama in the office. You can be observant but should strive to keep a low profile when conflicts or issues occur. Learn to distance yourself from those who can only cause you frustration. Recognise that your judgement and action is invaluable to your success.   Romance   You will be very busy making decisions this month and may have little time to give full attention to your relationships. However, those around you will be more active in seeking out your advice or wisdom. Try not to get yourself involved in the dramas of others as it can negatively impact your focus. However, do not be cold. Listen to what your loved ones have to tell you and give what advice you can, just let them know that you do not want to directly involve yourself in their affairs now as you are busy. Keeping this delicate balance is important.   Health   Sagittarians start the month with a burst of energy saved up from September. However, this month promises not to go easy on you. You may find yourself starting to tire once you get further into the month. It is important you do not push yourself over your limits. Over-exhaustion will be your greatest enemy, so avoid it by taking proper breaks both mentally and physically. Avoid relying on caffeine or energy drinks to get your fix. Turn to fresh fruits and vegetables instead to supplement what energy you need to continue your work. Err on the healthier side and you will not face many health problems this month.   Finances   Money may be called into question this month. For those working in offices or businesses, a sudden monetary issue may crop up that could throw off the company for a while. A lot more expenses will arise this month as well, from both family and business. It is important you do not underestimate the amount you will have to spend this month. Avoid spending on unnecessary luxury goods, you will need your finances to invest or further your current gains. Lucky Dates: 9th, 10th. 29th, 30th Lucky Colour: Brownish Yellow   Capricorn
Work   You will continue to enjoy the energy and passion that you were blessed with last month, and begin to finalise and create the foundations of your new projects, business or investments. This is a good time to propose any ideas or works you think could bring in good publicity or income. However, take note that you must find the best timing to bring it up. Furthermore, you must learn to employ some tact and charisma in getting what you want. Do not get so caught up in your ideas that you annoy or push away the very people who can help make your dreams a reality.   Romance   While excelling in work, Capricorns may feel a little lost when it comes to their love lives. Your loved ones may demand more attention, children may be entering a rebellious state, while you are too busy to deal with it. Many Capricorns may try to retreat into their shell to avoid interaction. However, try to do the exact opposite. Instead, learn to connect with those around you. Being busy is understandable, but make sure you convey that you still care about those around you. Single Capricorns may seek to avoid looking for a partner this month, but there is still a chance for meaningful encounters if they make more effort.   Health   Physically, Capricorn continues the healthy streak from last month. However, your emotional health may be a bit unstable this month. You find yourself more easily frustrated, which can make both you and those around you feel uncomfortable. Whenever you feel as if you are about to get irritated, take a deep breath. Humble yourself and speak openly with whoever may be rubbing you the wrong way. Avoid creating an atmosphere of tension, focus on peace and harmony in your environment. You will thank yourself come the end of the month.   Finances   Capricorns can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to money. While the household isn’t completely stable, money is an issue that won’t come up often. Your income looks to be steady this month, with small bonuses and windfalls to keep your spirits up. Trust your judgement when it comes to investments. You have a chance to build a steady base for yourself this month, so remember to take advantage of your good fortune and keep enough away for a rainy day.   Lucky Dates: 14th, 15th, 23rd, 24th   Lucky Colour: Baby Pink   Aquarius
Work   Aquarians have expectations as high as the sun when it comes to their career in October. You have a lot of dreams and visions you wish to pursue. However, before you start running, you must release the old ropes that are holding you back. Focus on resolving any past issues or learning from previous mistakes before you proceed. Be prepared to work hard for your goals as well as it will be no easy task. You may find that you enjoy the work though, as long as you are doing something you feel passionate and excited about. Do not be afraid to bring in others to help you and offset some of the load.   Romance   Aquarians feel strangely introverted this month. You get into your own head too much, and don’t feel like interacting with others if you don’t have to. However, there are people who may come into your life this month that will become invaluable to you. Learn to push yourself a bit and socialise. When it comes to the household, Aquarians may spend more time out of the house. Attached Aquarians may encounter more conflicts or arguments with their spouses. This is all part of a relationship as you both grow and understand what makes you individuals. Take time to cool off from any arguments before coming back to discuss it with more practicality and reason.   Health   The sun brings its light and energy into Aquarius’ life. You are full of passion and are raring to dive into any new workout or project laid in front of you. However, remember that even the sun can get too hot. Remember to properly warm up and cool down after any exercise. Take extra precautions when handling heavy machinery or driving, as all that excess energy can make you a bit reckless or careless. Always think twice before you embark on anything and don’t be afraid to ask for someone’s help when you’re moving heavy objects or straining yourself.   Finances   Finances stabilise this month as Aquarius starts to get back onto its feet. Money and income will be predictable, but don’t expect any major windfalls or losses this month. Continue your good saving and spending practices so you don’t lose the habit. Otherwise, relax a bit when it comes to your finances and focus your resources into other areas of your life that may need it more. This is a good time to start planning on future investments or working on new projects.   Lucky Dates: 10th, 11th, 28th, 29th   Lucky Colour: Sunny Yellow   Pisces
Work   Pisces feels like they’ve finally mastered the chaos of their work. While October is a busy month, there is nothing major in the cards for you. You may encounter some small issues when it comes to time management. There may be some passion projects on the table that you aren’t sure if you can follow through on. Hunker down and focus on what you feel you can devote yourself to. You may find that following your dreams can lead you to greater success even if it takes more time. Be wary of those around you who delve into gossip or try to undermine others. They will not be of any help this month.   Romance   Things are a bit stormy when it comes to your love life. It has nothing to do with you, but rather the conflicts that other people come to you with. This can leave your irritated enough to start your own arguments with your loved ones. Stop, take a breath and learn to distance yourself from issues that do not directly involve you. This is the perfect time for you to go on a vacation overseas. Either on your own or with your loved ones. Focus on rekindling the warmth in your relationships. Travel over or near water is heavily favoured.   Health   Relax this month. Pisces needs to learn to let go and take a breath. Do not strain yourself. If possible, take a vacation or holiday. Avoid getting into conflicts that could take up precious mental energy. Take part in relaxing exercises such as yoga or swimming. Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself a little bit with a spa day or a trip to the hot springs. Now is the time not to get worked up. Do not turn to sweets or junk food to relax yourself, instead, load up on fruits and healthy vegetables full of minerals.   Finances   Pisces turns to settling old debts of the past. Now is the time to clear up any loans or fees that are hanging above your head. This can leave you at a bit of a deficit this month, but rest assured that clearing up your debts will do you more good in the long run. In addition, more expenses may crop up concerning your household or family. Luckily, there are no major losses this month, so you should be able to use your stable foundation to pay off these expenses. If you are worried, start a budgeting plan for you and your family to follow.   Lucky Dates: 9th, 10th, 23rd, 24th   Lucky Colour: Seaweed Green