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The Photography Exhibition You Can't Miss In January

The 2nd edition of art fair Singapore Contemporary returns with a curated exhibit that aims to promote photography as an artistic medium and collectable art form.

“Eros or Something Not Eros” by Daido Moriyama, Akio Nagasawa Gallery, Japan

If you’re an avid shutterbug, you’ll be pleased to know that an exhibition dedicated to image-making will be coming your way from January 19-22, 2017. The Photo17 exhibition is Singapore Contemporary’s first curated platform dedicated to photography in its various forms.


Flux Series 3 – Panel 5 by Kate Baker, Australia

The images on display – priced between US$2,000 to US$20,000 (S$2,987 to $29,870) – are curated into four distinct sections: fine art, documentary, conceptual and mixed media. It will include works by 36 artists including Australian Kate Baker, whose ghostly images are an integration of photography, printmaking and sculpture, as well as French photographer Olivia Marty, whose pictures are a blend of photography, architectural elements and street art with a vintage-y touch.


Left: Memoire en ruine. Right: Fairy and Ghost Separated by a Hair’s Distance. Both artworks by Olivia Marly, Visionairs Gallery Asia, Singapore

Also on the cards: A series of informative talks covering photography-related subjects by field experts. Curator Patricia de la Motte will touch on the challenges facing photography as an art medium, while Spanish photo artist Xavier Comas will explore what it means when photography becomes art.


Main image: Touch of the Freeway by Phyu Mon, Intersection Gallery, Singapore

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