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Get Ready For The Inaugural Porcelain Festival Next Weekend

#1: A showcase of Arita 400 wares
What on earth is Arita 400 you say? They’re works that celebrate the 400th anniversary of porcelain-making in Japan’s Arita region. Arita is Japan’s cradle for porcelain and is famed for the high quality of said porcelain. Selected works from seven different kilns will be presented during the festival, making it a must-see if you’re into porcelain, or just into Japanese culture. #2: An exhibition on vases designed by Singaporean and Japanese creatives
For those who find traditional porcelain a little old-school for their tastes, the exhibition titled Vessels might just change your mind with its marriage of contemporary design and traditional workmanship – it’s a collaboration between Japanese porcelain specialists Kihara Inc. and five top-notch Singaporean artists and designers including Theseus Chan, Holycrap and Phunk Studio. #3: A cool ceramics display
In a show of support for up-and-coming designers and lesser-known ceramic makers, this segment helps to spotlight their works to a bigger audience. Given that the Porcelain Festival is held in conjunction with Gillman Barack’s next edition of its massively popular Art After Dark parties, we would say it’s fantastic exposure for these fledgling designers.   #4: A major sale
And finally, bargain hunters – the deadstock sale of Arita porcelain is something you should definitely put on your radar (if you haven’t already). It’s the last batch of items that Supermama has in stock, so get in early before they sell out.   Like this? Check out these 3 gorgeous ryokan-inspired hotels in Japan, a new Japanese-themed brunch at Kinki and don’t miss out on the ongoing Japanese Film Fest.