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These Are The Returning TV Shows Of Fall 2017 That You Shouldn't Miss

#1: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5 (26 Sept)
This Andy Samberg-helmed police sitcom is still as funny as ever coming into its fifth season, with the acclaimed cast being singled out as a highlight. Andre Braugher, who has been nominated for three consecutive Emmys for his performance, deserves particular praise for his hilarious portrayal of the stoic Captain Ray Holt. Image: @js30limited5’s Twitter #2: This Is Us Season 2 (26 Sept)
One of the biggest breakout shows of 2016, this critically acclaimed drama series has received several nominations and awards, including Favourite New TV Drama at the People’s Choice Awards. Much of the heartwarming show’s success can be attributed to how relatable it is, as it explores the lives, relationships and experiences of a group of people who are inextricably linked. Image: @herman_johansen‘s Twitter #3: Fresh Off The Boat Season 4 (Oct 3)
This sitcom about an Asian-American family living in Florida in the 1990s has been praised for its funny, accurate and authentic portrayal of Chinese-Americans living in the US. Watch out for breakout star Constance Wu, who shines as Jessica Huang, the strict, no-nonsense tiger mom. Wu will also be playing the lead role in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s international bestseller, Crazy Rich Asians. Image: @boxofficecollec‘s Twitter #4: Riverdale Season 2 (Oct 11)
Everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure is back, and this time, it promises to be darker than ever, as it picks up from the shocking and dangerous cliffhanger of last season’s finale. What we know so far: both Archie and Jughead will be taking on a darker and more violent turn, the two central relationships (Archie and Veronica, Jughead and Betty) will be threatened, and we will finally see the arrival of Hiram Lodge, Veronica’s father, as well as new face Charles Meton, who will replace Ross Butler as Reggie. Image: @js30limited5’s Twitter #5: Stranger Things Season 2 (Oct 27)
We will finally be able to enter the world of the Upside Down again come Halloween. The gang reunites, but we are not sure where Eleven is, and there’s also the mysterious appearance of a brand new character, Max. Whatever happens, the fantastic trailer already looks promising, and so do the nostalgic 80s pop culture references. If you can’t wait that long, also check out Finn Wolfhard (who plays Mike) as the loud-mouthed Richie in It, currently playing in cinemas. Image: @__shimmer’s Twitter   Like this? Check out 16 incredible Singaporean photographers to get on your radar, the 15 best museums in London to visit and Oxwell & Co’s latest hip establishment is for alcoholics and vintage lovers alike.