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These Vintage Chinese Ointment Bottles Contain Avant-Garde Scents By Mojoko


If you’re into the local design scene you would know that the British transplant Steve Lawler a.k.a. Mojoko has one seriously wild and imaginative mind. The influence of trash culture, B-movies, Bollywood films on the body of work of this multi-media artist/curator/graphic designer speaks for itself with the art he produces. Cue the heady designs of silk-screened posters, lanterns and installations he has churned out through the years.

Now imagine how that unbridled creativity translates into fragrances.  In fact, Lawler’s next pet project will see him launching a limited edition series of seven perfumes that were produced in collaboration with Terry Jacobson of fragrance company Allsense and artisanal scent lab Oo La Lab. The outing allows him to tap on another of his favourite design inspirations: vintage Chinese ointment bottles. These end up as the packaging for the perfumes, with prices starting from $250 each.

What else is unconventional? The scents see him blending old school notes like rose oil and mandarin blended with more contemporary ones like bubble gum and Cola. Meanwhile, the artwork for the packaging make them almost like miniature Mojoko posters: There are allusions to Japanese manga, Bollywood film posters and even Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time. The perfume series will be launched at ‘Sick Scents — A Fragrant Exhibition’, from June 1 to June 25 at Chan + Hori Gallery.

Mind Control
This one contains a rich cocktail of oud, musk and floral notes, and meant to be a unisex fragrance. Psychotropics
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