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5 Ways To Love Yourself In 2019

If 2018 has been about everyone else but yourself, make 2019 the year of loving and living your best life.

How many of us dish self-care advice to others, but never actually follow our own proclamations? This new year, forget the grand gestures — focus on starting small, by doing little things that slowly but gradually increase the happiness of your everyday. Above, five ideas to get you started.


#1: Invest in a ritual of hygge
The Scandinavians are masters of creating joy out of grey skies. With winter lasting months and the sun not showing up for weeks, it’s important to keep the gloom at bay. Think of hygge as an elevated form of self-love, which can be anything from enjoying a cocktail alone in a cozy bar to spending the last hour of your day curled up in bed reading your favourite book. There’s no golden rule, except one: to do what sparks joy within. #2: Commit to a hobby for at least three months
Newsflash: work is not a hobby. Nor is Netflix, which is really just a fun distraction. This year, dare to delve deep to nurture what really interests you. Just like how your parents exposed you to chunks of ballet, piano, swimming, martial arts while growing up, do the same, but this time you’re in charge of sussing out your own interests. For a start, if you feel the urge to create something tangible with your hands, have a go at throwing and shaping clay at Mud Rock Ceramics, which runs regular classes. Mud Rock Ceramics is at 85 Maude Road, Singapore 208357, tel: 6291 1186. Classes are $315 for five lessons, Tues or Wed (7pm to 9.30pm), or Sat or Sun (11am to 1.30pm). #3: Subscribe to a podcast for a happier commute
No one loves commuting to/from work. Make this daily chore one you actually look forward to by subscribing to a podcast geared to your interest. Whether it’s true crime or stories about modern love, it’s a surefire way to pass the crowded commute in a more enjoyable manner. Plus, you don’t have to crane your neck to look at the screen. Hit up Anchor and explore your options. #4: Save for that bucket list trip
You could whip out your credit card and jet off to Paris for a week… but where would that leave you 10 days later? Travel is a splurge that should be planned for. Start making a list of bucket travel plans, big and small. Whether it’s to learn how to dive, spend a week leisurely exploring the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, hot air ballooning in Cappadocia or joining a surf/yoga camp in Costa Rica, it’ll feel so much more amazing knowing you saved for it. #5: Pretty up your space
Spend a weekend beautifying your space and you’ll never want to leave home. Make your own soy-based candle, purchase some plants or put together your own stained glass pane. If you’re not artsy, it’s amazing what a fresh set of pillow covers and curtains will do for the room, or just tidy up your desk space with this cool #SKADIS pegboard from IKEA.