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Spotlight: Is This The First Ever Art Exhibition To Be Held In An Aesthetic Clinic?

If you've ever felt like galleries were too intimidating, this new art exhibition, held in an aesthetic clinic, is looking to change your mindset.

Despite the increasing avenues in which to access art (we’re not about to go into the convoluted argument on what constitutes art, that’s a whole other can of worms), to the layman, art tends to still have intimidating connotations associated with it.

Perhaps part of the reason that discourages people is the white cube experience – or basically the default mode in which institutions display art – think sterile white walls, monastic silence and hovering gallery sitters. Looking to change that perception is Form|Matter, a new exhibition that came about as a result of a collaboration between Instinc, a local art gallery, and Moyem, the new kid on the aesthetic clinic block.

Featuring the works of three local artists – Justin Lee, Yeoh Wee Hwee and Yeo Shih Yun – it’s purportedly Singapore’s first exhibition to be held in an aesthetic clinic. One of the aims of the exhibition is to “expose the average person to high quality artwork in an approachable way”.


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Beautiful People (2017) by Justin Lee, watercolour on paper, 50cm x 40cm

We speak to Instinc founder and curator of the exhibtion, Yeo Shih Yun, to find out how she’s planning to do so:

How did this collaboration come about?

I was approached by the director of Moyem, Lai Kok Hui – he is also an avid art collector. He was just toying with the idea of  bringing art into his new clinic and we discussed over a few dinners. It is a fresh idea and additionally, we have a huge network of both local and international artists as we run an artist residency program. Also, it is really tough to find spaces to exhibit in Singapore, so I thought why not have a try? You don’t know until you try!