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5 Unconventional Things To Check Out During Singapore Art Week 2019

January means one thing on the Singapore events calendar: Singapore Art Week, that’s back for its seventh iteration. Taking place across the island from Jan 19 – 27, this year’s focus appears to have diversified beyond just the usual offerings such as galleries, museums and the like to include more unexpected efforts that, for example, present familiar everyday places such as shopping malls in new light.

Yes, there are still all the usual suspects, such as Art Stage and the signature Art After Dark party, but here, we’ll highlight some unconventional ones if you’re looking to dig further beyond just content for Instagram.


S.E.A. Focus
A brand new initiative by STPI — Creative Workshop and Gallery, this boutique art fair (it’ll take place in a pop-up location within Gillman Barracks) aims to spotlight both rising and established artists from the Southeast Asia region. Head here if you’re aiming to build up knowledge of regional and local artists, as well as to support this new programme. 24 – 27 January 2019 Gillman Barracks Pavilion (Carpark B) Ticketed Adaptations
Organised by independent art space Supernormal and artist-educator Ong Kian Peng, Adaptations is purportedly the first ever showcase that “addresses the correlation between contemporary art and technology.” While we can’t confirm whether it’s the first ever attempt, it does reflect a greater global trend towards incorporating tech into art. Adaptations will feature seven local and international artists whose diverse practices range from video art, device art, computational art as well as hybrid practices combining digital and traditional media. 17 January – 9 February 2019 Gillman Barracks, Lock Rd, Singapore 108937 Blk 1 #01-01, Blk 9 #03-21 Free admission   IMPART Collectors’ Show 2019: Fabulous Monsters
Thanks to Instagram, the lives of the rich and famous are there for all to witness — sometimes overtly and obnoxiously so. At this show however, it’s a curated look at the art collections of private art collectors that rarely get a public viewing. The focus? Surrealistic pieces by contemporary artists that address the many socio-political problems the world faces today. 17 January – 2 February 2019 ArtScience Museum Free admission Sim Lim Square Art Residency
The programme unfolds over three weeks, and will be staged at a store unit turned (temporary) artist studio at, of all places, Sim Lim Square. Its aim? To cross-pollinate between the tech and art communities; the latter has been tasked to use the majority of their materials (to create new artworks) from the resources available within the mall. The studio will be open to the public and there’ll also be guided tours and talks available. We are really looking forward to this one. 7 – 27 January 2019 Sim Lim Square #06–53/31 Free admission State of Motion 2019: A Fear of Monsters
Organised by Asian Film Archives, this showcase looks at two seemingly divergent genres — Southeast Asian horror films and Southeast Asian contemporary art and asks: what makes these forms quintessentially Southeast Asian? There will be artworks, film screenings, panel discussions and performances that all deal with the region’s socio-cultural histories, with “horror” as the background theme. 18 January – 24 February 2019 National Library Building Exhibitions and Screenings: Free admission Tours: Ticketed