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Singapore Artist Jeremy Sharma Wants To Challenge The Artificial Age We Live In

The multi-disciplinary artist explores complex ideas of death, existence and the artificial world of today.

 jeremy sharma

Jeremy Sharma is an artist who breaks traditional boundaries. He’s mostly considered a painter, but his multidisciplinary approach has led to him using video, photography, drawing and installation. “He constantly challenges the origin and definition of what art and an artist is,” says the curator of Female’s Art & Design issue Dawn Ng.

jeremy sharma art

As-is-where-is (Butts And Ends) (2014), high-density polystyrene foam, dimensions variable, courtesy of Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore

His highly conceptual works are often about complex philosophical ideas such as death, existence, and the “artificial age” that we live in. His best known works feature large polystyrene foam boards – the carved patterns on their surface based on the electromagnetic pulse of pulsars, or dying stars.

jeremy sharma artworks

Terra Sensa – Auxomod (2014), high-density polystyrene foam, dimensions variable, courtesy of Michael Janssen Gallery Berlin/Singapore

Sharma explains: “My works may seem abstract and detached, but they stem from lived and hypothetical experiences, and are a reflection of the society we come from.” The 38-year-old artist and musician has had solo shows at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore in 2012 and the 2013 Singapore Biennale. Last year, he won a residency at the Centre for Contemporary Art at Gillman Barracks.

Profile Photo Zaphs Zhang Art Direction Leyna Poh

An adapted version first appeared in Female’s January issue, out on newsstands now.

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