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The Singapore Female DJs Who Are Heating Up The Scene

From dancehall doyennes to hip-hop honchos, these female beat makers prove that Singapore's nightlife music scene is not all about the dudes.


image: Lenne Chai

Who: The leading all-girl crew in the local music and dance circuit comprises (from left) Fatim, Syaheedah Iskandar (Jaydah), Amanda Keisha Ang (A/K/A Sounds), Amanda Tan (Empyreal) and Serene-Rene Ong (Durio). After meeting each other at the FFF Girl DJ Bootcamp in 2013, these talented ladies have played locally and internationally.

Why know them: With a diverse range of sounds and styles, this crew is the epitome of #girlpower. From underground hip-hop to reggae and even dubstep, they do it all and never limit themselves to a certain genre, says Ang, who’s a member of the Female Collective and got the crowds moving (despite the downpour) when she played at the recent Laneway Festival for the first time.



female djs darker than wax rah

Who: Farah Azizan, otherwise known as Rah, has been DJ-ing for the past decade and is now part of independent label Darker Than Wax.

Why know her: Having played at various clubs and festivals such as ZoukOut, Neon Lights and the Singapore Jazz Festival, her eclectic sound – she’s known for underground hip-hop and Brazilian influenced beats – shows her versatility, and how she’s all about experimentation.


Debbie Chia

female djs debbie chia singapore

Who: With over a decade of experience, Chia has a penchant for genre-defying mixes and never limits herself to a certain sound.

Why know her: As co-owner of local label Midnight Shift, this techno trooper has been spinning turntables at various clubs from Seoul to Berlin and, of course, Singapore. This year, she’s already lined up several gigs in Germany, Taiwan and Mauritius. Talk about making our country proud.


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