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16 Incredible Singaporean Photographers To Get On Your Radar

Inspiring our inner photographers one square at a time.

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You have to be living under a rock to not know that social media is on a steep incline with Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook at the top of the social media game today. So it comes as no surprise that just about anyone with a social media account of sorts are producing better and better photographs to win some likes and followers to stay afloat. Pretty faces aside, how else can one rise to be among the who’s who on digital platforms these days, right?

Besides just having an Instagram handle, anybody who owns film cameras, the most updated iPhone and anything else in between (armed with photo editing apps) is loosely deemed a “photographer” right now. Aim, shoot, edit, post. Easy peasy? Not quite. What sets a legit photographer apart – digital or otherwise – from amateur ones is a creative eye which only a select few possess.

And here at BAZAAR, we appreciate identity and creativity so we have sussed out some of the best talented photographers in our own motherland of Singapore who not only have the ability to capture arresting images, but have also imbued their distinctive aesthetics with mad skills and a keen eye for visuals that distinguish them from everyone else.