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Stylish Accessories That Will Transform The Interior Of Your Home

Without breaking the bank.

It goes without saying that most would want their home to be comforting, cosy and beautiful in their eyes. If that isn’t the case for you because you’ve lived in your abode for a long time now, there are simple ways to switch things up.

For instance, you can toss out clutter you don’t need or store them in pretty baskets or boxes. You can rearrange the things in your house, such as sorting your accessories (throws, pillows, frames, bookends) by colour, and then rearranging them in the room in a more uniform manner. You can also try updating your old furniture by giving them a fresh and modern coat of paint — such as matte pink or tiffany blue. Another way is to get accessories — a quick-fix way to switch up your interior style, breathing new life into your home. Our favourite cool pieces above.

1. Alegro Table, S$49.90 from FortyTwo
A side table is a great space to display potted plants, decorative ornaments or to well, place your cup of tea. Try this piece that comes with copper-coloured legs and a plastic top that’s covered with marble grain. It has an air of modernity and sophistication, but won’t hurt your pockets. 2. Red table lamp, S$499 from Commune
For those into the industrial minimalist look, these table lamps with their pop of red and sculptural Edison filament bulbs, are a cool and quirky addition to your home. Their vibrant hue will add life and depth to your room. Try adding some other red accessories to tie the room together, such as cushions or a sofa throw. 3. Gallery Mori: Wood Grain series (Shapes of Water), S$94.00 from FortyTwo
Art work is an easy way of injecting a dose of colour and mood into the room without much hassle. Something brightly coloured such as this piece alleviates stress, injects joy, and looks chic at the same time. FortyTwo’s Gallery Mori prides itself on original works from contemporary art studios in Kyoto, Japan, so you can be assured of the quality of your piece. 4. LED floor light, S$199.00 from Muji
Brighten up your room, figuratively and literally, with a new floor light. For the minimalist lovers out there who want clean, light and airy living spaces, this floor light, which boasts a wooden stand and a white shade, is a great choice. In typical Muji style, it is simple but stylish. 5. Gold pineapple ornament, S$19.90 from Courts
Sure, it doesn’t do anything. But darn it, it’s fun, pretty to look at and will brighten up your coffee table or shelf. 6. Sawyer Leaning 24.5″ Bookcases, set of three, S$357 from Crate & Barrel
Yes, we did say accessories, not furniture. But this bookcase is so fuss-free and easy that all you need to do is rest it against your wall. Don’t underestimate it though — made of mahogany wood, it’s pretty sturdy and solid. Line some books on the shelves or use them to showcase your funky homeware (like that pineapple). 7. Large Potted Orchid Plant, S$129.95 from Crate & Barrel
Okay so you love greenery and plants but always seem to kill them off (when is too much water exactly?). No green thumb? Go for a faux flower to brighten up your living quarters without the guilt. Plants and nature add a dose of calm — not to mention a touch of luxury to your home — so even if you don’t want something real, then invest in something lifelike instead. 8. Peek Mirror by Umbra, $79 from HipVan
Mirrors open up the room by adding depth and perception. They can even give the illusion of a larger space than what you have. Not to mention they make sure you don’t head out the house without looking your best, natch. This quirky number not only provides all of the above, it has added hooks for you to store your personals. Win-win. 9. Batik Rug from Heritage Carpets $350, from HipVan
A new rug will make a huge difference to your living space, whether it is your bedroom or communal area. The style and colour of your rug can instantly transform it, whether you are going for a boho look, a modern and sleek look or something cheeky. Pick a design and shade that suits some of your key heavier pieces, and then watch your room come to life. Also, they feel fab under your bare feet too. 10. Couture Copper Five-piece Flatware, $129.95 from Crate & Barrel
It’s a small touch, but it will make a heck of a difference. Rather than keeping your mismatched and old silver cutlery, switch up for a whole new set — like this sleek copper five-piece set that’s oh-so-sophisticated. Go one step further and get some funky new plates and bowls too, then sit back and relish dinner time. 11. Coraline Hanging Pendant Lights, $79 from Lights By HipVan
This 10 bulb hanging light fixture will add a modern touch to any room and can be mounted directly onto your ceiling or onto a false ceiling first. It’ll definitely make a statement in any room. The light lengths can also be adjusted to suit any ceiling height.