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Fashion Editor's Picks: Stylish Essentials For Your Budding Plant Hobby

Now that you've got your indoor plants sorted, it's time to get accessorising. Below, our edit of 10 items to liven up your green space at home.
Hay terracota watering can, $40.05,
The Scandi label‘s handle-free design is akin to a piece of sculpture and it’ll add a simple modernist touch to your home garden. Anissa Kermiche ceramic vase, $95,
This cheeky design – pun intended – is the perfect table centrepiece to display your succulents. Rattan plant stand, $34.90, Ikea
Rattan planters are all the rage right now among “plant mums” and this handmade piece is our top pick for its pocket-friendly price tag. Note: Suitable for flowerpots with a maximum diameter of 15cm. Esschert canvas gardening apron, $55.74,
If you dig the Japanese workwear aesthetic, then this khaki design will be the right pick for your gardening ensemble. Haws leather holster, $30,
English garden tools specialist Haws has been around since 1886 and is known for its heritage designs – and this holster to sheath your clippers is no exception. Miniature figurines, 80 cents each,
These adorable figurines of feathered creatures will give your terrariums and potted plants an eclectic touch. Violante Guerrieri Gonzaga ceramic mini planters, US$175 (S$242),
These handpainted ceramic vases will be perfect for leafy plants like the Satin Pothos. Seagrass basket, $90,
Bring a slice of the Mediterranean into your home with this basket which will look great with large Monstera Deliciosa or the Traveller’s Palm. Martius: The Book of Palms, US$20 (S$28),
Talk about #PlantGoals. This 568-page tome is an encyclopedic treasury of 19th-century botany featuring the illustrations from German botanist Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius’ Amazonian journey of Brazil and Peru. Planter with mixed Fittonia and Ficus Pumila Variegata, $58,
If you intend to raise the sustainability factor in your home garden, consider this planter which is repurposed from a wine bottle.