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Op-Ed: 5 Surrealist Instagram Accounts Our Lifestyle Expert Isabel Ong Is Currently Obsessed With

This month, we debut a new weekly column featuring the Female team's latest obsessions on anything fashion, beauty, art, design and lifestyle-related. Here, senior fashion and beauty writer Isabel Ong reveals the Instagram accounts she follows that are a visual equivalent of a mind-trip.


If you’re a fan of Salvador Dali or Rene Magritte’s works, you’ll dig these Instagram accounts that celebrate all things surreal by making the impossible seem plausible and the abstract a tangible part of the everyday:


#1: @teresacfreitas

Excuse me, you've got something on your face

A photo posted by Teresa (@teresacfreitas) on

A photo posted by Teresa (@teresacfreitas) on


A photo posted by Teresa (@teresacfreitas) on

Portugal-based artist Teresa Freitas is a pro at creating dreamy, minimalist snaps. Everything on her feed carries a light, ethereal quality, whether it’s putting a wispy cloud or a bunch of flowers in place of a woman’s head, or turning everyday objects like a door frame into something more.


#2: @nois7

The whale in Venice One of my most popular images from 2014. Working on many new artworks so stay tuned ?

A photo posted by Robert Jahns (@nois7) on

A killer whale navigating Venetian canals; a girl perched on a peak amidst snow-capped mountains; a woman on a swing overlooking the Paris skyline – anything is possible in digital artist/photographer Robert Jahns’ Instagram account, whose uber-realistic pictorial depictions of mind-blowing situations have gained him 959k followers. If these images incite a severe wanderlust within you, you’re not alone.


#3: @charlie_davoli

the awareness of the smallness of your perspective @arthurmartins #salentoupndown #sud2016

A photo posted by Charlie_davoli (@charlie_davoli) on

The legacy of the critical system malfunction (#pixabay)

A photo posted by Charlie_davoli (@charlie_davoli) on

|| study of a line over a hypothetic surface ||

A photo posted by Charlie_davoli (@charlie_davoli) on

What’s cool about Singapore-born Italian artist Charlie Davoli’s photos: They’re engineered to reflect creative dissonance, like a little girl who appears to be swimming on a road to an invisible man checking his mobile phone and the San Francisco-Oakland bay bridge dropping off into nothingness. What’s even cooler: All his works are made using iPhone photo-editing apps.


#4: @sejkko

Amidst Portuguese photographer Manuel Pita’s nature-filled Instagram feed, you’ll find images that play with 2D and 3D effects. While I’m a fan of his latest photo series on “lonely houses”, in which he travels the globe to capture photos of tiny squarish homes that appear to exist on their own, his previous projects like the dino series, which sees a cartoon dinosaur figure appearing to walk along the beach or on clothelines, are the quirkest ‘grams I’ve seen around.


#5: @belilabelle

Salto mortal en piscina inflable | Somersault in inflatable pool

A photo posted by BeliLaBelle (@belilabelle) on

Necesito un príncipe con escalera | I need a prince with a ladder

A photo posted by BeliLaBelle (@belilabelle) on

A veces me desencuentro conmigo misma | Sometimes I mismatch myself

A photo posted by BeliLaBelle (@belilabelle) on

Call her Instagram’s answer to famed French photographer Guy Bourdin, who was well known for his provocative, surrealist images (think a pair of legs, sans body, and placed in innocuous surroundings like a bus stop). Venezuelan photographer Belinda Tellez’s photos play on that same tenuous link between reality and fantasy, with often humorous results.


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