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The 3 Architects Of Cool Who’ll Make Your National Day Long Weekend Better

From Tanjong Beach Club's 10th anniversary to a curation of luxury vacation accessories, max out your National Day long weekend with these tips from our architects of cool

 national day long weekend

The Paper Bunny X YTL Hotels collection includes many pieces that are great for travel. What about their design make them perfect for a weekend getaway?

Our weekender totes are perfect for travel – they are soft and roomy, easy to fold and keep in your luggage but holds a large amount of essentials, and also has a zip closure which is great for bringing onboard and keeping under your seat without everything spilling out. They also have long and short straps, for carrying any way you want.

What were some of your inspirations while designing this new collection?

We wanted this collection to truly encapsulate the elements and experiences of Pangkor Laut Resort – the sunset cruise, the hornbills flying around in pairs, the native Keruing Belimbling plant and of course the charming corals peppered across and the pastel earth tones of the beautiful Emerald Bay.

What are the top travel accessories that you must have for a quick weekend getaway?

1) A tote bag that doubles and triples up for going to the plane, beach and city and roomy enough to carry tons of things but soft and easy enough to fold and keep when you don’t need it 2) laundry bags to sort 3) a good pair of sandals.

What are some of your favourite destinations for a short break?

Bali, Bangkok and now that I’ve discovered Pangkor Laut Resort in Ipoh Malaysia, I’ll be back when I need a relaxing weekend.

The Paper Bunny X YTL Hotels collection is available online at and at selected stockists.