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The 3 Architects Of Cool Who’ll Make Your National Day Long Weekend Better

From Tanjong Beach Club's 10th anniversary to a curation of luxury vacation accessories, max out your National Day long weekend with these tips from our architects of cool

national day long weekend

What makes The Prestige Hotel great for a weekend staycation?

The Prestige Hotel portrays the natural urban beauty of Penang’s historic core. A modern-day interpretation of Victorian design, it welcomes the urbane traveler to a contemporised and magical quasi-colonial universe. The hotel has all you need without having to leave: fabulously comfortable rooms, a great all day dining restaurant, a rooftop pool for sunset cocktails, a gym to work out in, and in the adjoining arcade, there’s more F&B and retail therapy. Plenty of good food in the area too!

What are some features that you love the most of The Prestige Hotel?

I love how the design of The Prestige Hotel tells a wonderful narrative through its spatial experience, art and design, from start to end. In this case, it’s ‘A touch of magic in a tropical, Victorian Eden.’ We present The Prestige Hotel as a modern interpretation of Victorian-era interior design layered with the local botany. In addition, we added elements of visual surprise through notions of illusion. We took cues from the movie ‘The Prestige,’ featuring the illusory art of magic, also set in the Victorian era.

What would be your advice for those looking for the perfect hotel for a relaxing weekend getaway?

Find something you typically won’t find at home so it’ll be a memorable experience! Also, ease of travel is imperative for a relaxing getaway. For The Prestige Hotel, given that it’s only 25 minutes from the airport, you could leave Singapore on a Friday afternoon at 4pm and be at the hotel’s infinity-edge pool having cocktails and watching the sunset at 7pm!

What is your most memorable weekend trip and why?

My wife and I love The Cappella at Sentosa. We head there every year during her birthday and it has become sort of a ritual for us now. It’s more comforting and familiar than exciting, but then again, you need to have different kinds of holidays, some adventuresome and others comforting.

The Prestige Hotel is located at 8 Gat Lebuh Gereja, 10300 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Visit for more information.