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The Trendiest Foods That Look And Taste Good

#1: Pure Vida Superfood Bowl
“This acai bowl – with coconut water, strawberries, banana and almond butter – is great for a post-holiday cleanse. It is refreshing and, more importantly, not too sweet. The housemade almond butter is delicious and gives it a slight savoury note.” – Ms Karen Tan, 34, senior social media manager Instagram: @renztan Get it from: Coocaca, 01-03 Orchard Building, 1 Grange Road; open: 11am to 9pm daily; tel: 8511-9923, go to or e-mail Price: $12.50 #2: Ondeh Ondeh Waffles
“The crispy ondeh ondeh waffle is warm and sweet, while the vanilla soft-serve ice cream, which has a tinge of charcoal, is smooth and creamy. A perfect pairing.” – Ms Ooi Fang Yu, 28, public servant Instagram: @baktokyeow Get it from: The Cold Pantry, 01-01, 88 Rangoon Road; open: 4 to 10pm (weekdays), noon to 10pm (weekends); go to or e-mail Price: $13 #3: Shepherd's Pie
“I enjoyed the shepherd’s pie at Common Chefs, which is made with juicy minced pork, caramelised onions and sauteed mushrooms. It is topped with a tasty layer of mashed potato, then sprinkled with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese before it is baked to perfection. This is rather uncommon because a traditional shepherd’s pie is usually made from minced lamb and has no mozzarella cheese.” – Ms Maya Lee, 32, freelance food writer and photographer Instagram: @qinlovesmacaronsss Get it from: Common Chefs, 01-13, 8 Jalan Legundi; open: noon to 10pm (Tuesdays to Fridays), 11.30am to 10.30pm (weekends), closed on Mondays; tel: 6659-1208, Price: $15 #4: Paper Thosai Meal
“Paper thosai as long as the length of my arm, from the legendary Komala Vilas in Little India. The thosai was crisp and slightly tangy, while the array of vegetable side dishes and chutneys were full of flavour. Divine.” – Ms Mira Bi, 23, student Instagram: @gofindmira Get it from: Komala Vilas, three outlets – 76-78 Serangoon Road, open: 7am to 10.30pm daily, tel: 6293-6980; 12-14 Buffalo Road, open: 8am to 10.30pm daily, tel: 6293-3664; and 24-26 Race Course Road, open: 11am to 10pm daily, tel: 6341-5435; Price: $8.50 #5: Osso Buco Al Vino Rosso
“The Osso Buco al Vino Rosso here was one of my favourites among the dishes I tried. The tender veal shank was braised perfectly in shiraz jus and mushroom ragout. The flavourful pairing of the roasted veal bone marrow with sea salt and thyme completed this hearty meal.” – Mr Goh Liang Yu, 22, freelance food photographer Instagram: @spadely Get it from: Vineyard at HortPark, 02-02 Hort Park, 33 Hyderabad Road; open: noon to 3pm (weekdays), 11am to 3pm (weekends), 6 to 10pm daily; tel: 6479-7977, Price: $26 This story first appeared on Like this? Check out these 3 new Omakase restaurants to satisfy your Japanese food cravings, the 6 healthier alternatives to isotonic drinks and the new dishes at PS. Cafe’s newest One Fullerton outlet.