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Vincent Quek Of Anticipate Pictures: Bringing World Cinema’s Finest To Singapore

What’s been some of the biggest hurdles for you since starting the company?

“Shelf space for films. The cinemas in Singapore are run by so few people and the big three are fine running things on their own without the product of some pesky foreign film distributor. We recoup our investment through film festivals who program our films for a premiere, cultural organisations for special screenings; Internet platforms that license our films, and theatrical revenue from one or two independent cinemas. We are growing but not at the rate which I would like, which would require an injection of significant capital.”

What films can we expect from you guys in the upcoming months?

“In the summer we have a wickedly funny horror-comedy called In Fabric about a haunted dress set in an ’80s British department store which is just a hoot and I can personally guarantee there are things in it you’ve never seen before in your life. Then later in the year we have three films acquired from Berlin in February that we are excited to premiere: a touching South Korean film called House of Hummingbird that just won Best International Narrative Film at Tribeca Film Festival, and an epic Chinese film called So Long, My Son that has garnered 2 actor awards at the Berlinale. The third new title we have is Monos by Alejandro Landes, which is a Lord of the Flies-style Colombian thriller which I could barely breathe by the end because it was so exciting. We look for films that take our breath away, literally and figuratively.

At the point of this email interview it is end-April and I am preparing for Cannes (Film Festival) in May, which is our most important market. Films from Cannes would most likely premiere end-2019 and early 2020. Who knows what this year would bring? That is the beauty of my job – the film industry is a continually evolving landscape and it is always exciting to see what new films from established and unknown directors would bring.”

In Fabric

In FabricThis interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. All film stills courtesy of Anticipate Pictures.