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When Vintage Furniture Designs Get The Contemporary Treatment

Vintage modern pieces that never go out of style.

Dennis Cheok, creative director of design firm Upstairs_, is a big fan of vintage modern furniture. “Each piece tells a story of its time and evolution, and represents it in a tangible and recognisable physical form,” he says.

But just because the style is popular, doesn’t mean that it suits every home. “A home should be a true reflection of its inhabitants’ personal preferences and nuances, and these pieces are not for everyone,” he says.

“I’ve seen some incredible homes that are fully furnished with these storied pieces, and every space brimming with so many stories to tell; while some would prefer to make a statement with a few, but still significant key pieces that are close to their hearts. It’s all a matter of taste, preferences and accessibility.”

This article first appeared in The Business Times.

The Maverick Cane Chair, $550, Scene Shang
Millennials might not understand the appeal of cane, but anyone older than them will know that cane is fashionable regardless of the decade. The shape of the Maverick Chair retains its vintage feel while the microfiber upholstery gives it a modern touch. Also available in a kids’ version at $129. Poul Cadovius Butterfly Shelves, $480, Actus Hause
Forget side tables, and opt for a walnut or oak Butterfly Shelf by Danish designer Poul Cavodius. Not only does it not take up any floor space, but items are all within easy reach too Ligne Roset Geoffrey Mirror, $2,116, Grafunkt
A mirror that is also a statement piece. Belgian designer Alain Gilles’ Geoffrey Mirror also serves as a clothes stand, and as a handy spot for placing small trinkets and keys. Place it in the bedroom, or in the foyer, to use before heading out. Sheng Plant High Stand, $159, Scene Shang
Having plants around the home can liven up the work from home experience. Store potted plants in this brassplated Sheng Plant High Stand, that comes with elegant legs, and horizontal steps for extra support Norr 11 The Elephant Chair, $3,880 (lounge chair only), P5 Studio
It is hard to resist the allure of Scandinavian furniture classics, which is why Kristian Sofus Hansen and Tommy Hyldahl were inspired by Danish upholstered chairs from the ’50s when they designed the Elephant Chair. The turned-up back of the chair follows the shape of an elephant’s ears, gently enveloping the user in a cocoon. Moonrise Table Lamp, $350, Ipse Ipsa Ipsum
A table lamp to suit every bedroom. Made of brass and shaped like the full moon, its diffused light gently brightens up any space. When lit, the motifs on the back of the lamp create elegant shadows, making the room a little cosier. Stellar Works Ran Library, $1,790, P5 Studio
Italian designer Carlo Forcolini was inspired by historic temple doors in China and Japan when he designed the Ran Library bookshelf, back in the ’80s. The elegant shelves are made from laminate with walnut or ash veneer, and its thinness makes it appear to float. Meant to display books, it works as a display piece too. Art Deco Curved Partners’ Desk, $2,480, Journey East
Back in the day, a partners’ desk was made to accommodate the work of senior banking partners. Today, such desks are still a statement piece especially in the home, but also a save-spacing piece of furniture, since two people can use it together. This piece is made from matured teak wood, and when not used for work, can be used as a low bar counter.