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Yoga Teacher and DJ Amanda Ling (aka Doopz) Gives Us Her Killer Playlist

Homegrown musician and DJ, Amanda Ling (aka Doopz) is professionally skilled in both music and yoga. She’ll be playing a special set at Zespri Golden Salutations: Yoga with Chelsey Korus on June 10. Here she shares her eclectic playlist with us. Yoga Teacher And Dj Amanda Ling Aka Doopz Gives Us Her Killer Playlist 1

Amanda is renowned for her niche in combining these two elements of fluidity and dynamics to create experiences for people through music and movement. Complementing yoga practices with her live DJ sets, she shares an eclectic mix of ambient, electronica, post-rock and percussive beats that support the deep self-healing practice of yoga enthusiasts. 

What’s are some great surefire tracks to get them dancing?  “Percussive house, old school inspired electronica with a dancey vibe. Africanism > Block Party.”

Toro Y Moi > All Alone

Which song deserves more love than people give?  “Current local favourite and everyone should get to know them! Electronica band Riot !n Magenta > Voices.”

Which DJs are you digging at the moment? “Jon Hopkins – the current musical inspiration in all senses.”

“Maya Jane Coles: An all time fave female DJ with a deep house vibe.”

What’s a great house (home) party track?  “Definitely great [fun] singing along and bopping to this: Chemical Brothers > Star Guitar ( Shinichi Osawa Remix).”

What’s your most recent buy?  “Universal Solution > Yukon (Tom Middleton Remix).”

Which classic never gets old? “Soul Central > Strings of Life (Danny Krivit Re-Edit).”

What’d you play at a wedding party that you usually don’t? “Sixpence None The Richer > Kiss Me.”

What’s the perfect end-of-night song? “[This has a] minimal and dark whimsical vibe with strings and muted trumpet tumbling into slumber. Horror Inc > Dans La Nuit.”


Yoga Teacher And Dj Amanda Ling Aka Doopz Gives Us Her Killer Playlist

What is your next gig? “[I’m playing at] Zespri Golden Salutations: Yoga with Chelsey Korus. June 10, 7-8am on the rooftop of One Fullerton.”

Got any special tunes planned for it? “Yes for sure. I’m keeping it a little bit of a surprise element as I’m curating a specially selected playlist to sync up with the pace of the yoga sequencing. Hint, the recently bought track would most probably be part of the mix, so to give an idea of the soundscape for the event.”

Zespri Golden Salutations is free and open to public. Sign up here:

Yoga Teacher And Dj Amanda Ling Aka Doopz Gives Us Her Killer Playlist 3