Couture fashion accords garments with extreme attention to detail, using exquisite fabrics and embellishments, all done by hand. While there is no equivalent governing body dedicated to beauty, Chanel Research, their Beauty & Fragrance research and development department, hold themselves to the same ideals that the fashion house gives to its fashion creations.

At the heart of the Chanel Sublimage range is the Planifolia PFA which is extracted from the vanilla plant – Vanilla Planifolia. The vanilla plant is essentially a type of orchid and requires very specific conditions to grow and flourish – from the soft sunlight, soil conditions, temperature, and humidity. Each flower has a lifespan of 24 hours before they wither, leaving only a small window of time to pollinate, in order for the plant to grow the vanilla pods which they extract the Planifolia PFA from.

Chanel's Sublimage Range Is Basically Couture For Your Skin - Vanilla Planifolia
The Vanilla Planifolia plant where Chanel’s Sublimage range gets its PFA extract from.

These flowers are painstakingly pollinated by hand, by experienced caretakers and custodians of these vanilla farms located in Madagascar, a location selected for its conditions in which the vanilla plants thrive. The researchers at Chanel Research chanced upon the Planifolia PFA while extracting vanilla essence needed for fragrances, in it, they found a type of oil with unusual molecules.

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Planifolia PFA is an extract that ended up revealing multiple benefits for the skin. readyviewedVanilla Planifolia itself, with its seeds, pods, and flowers, has antioxidant properties and improves skin regeneration. However, the formulation of products within the Sublimage range does not stop at the development of just Planifolia PFA.

It is a culmination of studies, and tireless research by Chanel Research to create a product that amplifies the benefits of Planifolia PFA, in order to deliver exceptional anti-ageing results for the skin. The products work down to a cellular level, extending the lifespan of skin cells and improving their overall functions. Skin firmness is improved, with visible differences in tone, texture, brightness, and elasticity over time.

Discover the Chanel Sublimage range on their website. An e-concierge service has also been launched to offer consultation, purchase and delivery of your favourite Chanel Beauty products in the comfort of your own home.

This article first appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore