Makeup, Keith Bryant Lee using Estée Lauder. Photography, Veronica Tay. Videography, Tan Wei Te. Styling, C.K Koo. Hair, Ash Loi. (On Eswari) Dress, Zalora Basic at Zalora; cardigan, COS; earrings and bracelet, Monica Vinader. (On Sonia) Earrings, Monica Vinader. Sonia, Nadiah and XiXi’s outfits, stylist’s own. Trays and marble box, Finn Avenue. Location The Fullerton Hotel Singapore.

Let’s be honest – we all know looks matter. Wearing a pretty dress, having a good hair day or putting on the right makeup can make you feel like you can ace that interview, charm your date, or just conquer the world. Of course what’s on the inside counts when being self-assured, but looking presentable also has a lot to do with an unwavering self-esteem.

And it’s no different whether you’re a celebrity or girl-next-door. Case in point: These four women who are seemingly always collected, composed while radiating joie de vivre – 987 DJ Sonia Chew, actress Eswari Gunasagar, actress and mother-of-two Nadiah M. Din, and XiXi Lim who is an actress and host. They tell us how being confident has helped them to be the women they are today, and why even something as simple as wearing the right foundation can be a real confidence booster for them.

Sonia Chew, Mediacorp 987 DJ and host

Sonia is wearing Double-Wear Foundation 2W0 Warm Vanilla. @soniachew

Sonia describes herself as someone who is not afraid to be her “usual goofy self” in any situation. “What I do for work, including social media, is an extension of myself. I’m not any different on and off camera,” she says.

The bubbly, energetic media personality believes in being the best version of herself and to have utmost trust in her abilities. Her secret, she reveals, is to exude the right energy. “By doing that, you attract the right people to surround you in life, and that helps build your confidence.”

Her busy schedule, including hosting “The Shock Circuit” on 987FM with fellow DJ Joakim Gomez and making public appearances, means she needs to look flawless and picture-perfect throughout the day, And she can rely on Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation to have her back. Why? Because this is a foundation that has serious staying power. It offers 24 hours of medium-to-full coverage without oxidising, yet still feels lightweight.

“I am always rushing around so I need something that keeps me looking flawless 24/7 with minimal touch ups. Aside from looking on point at shoots and official events, I also need my makeup to last till 4am should I decide to go on a spontaneous girls’ night out!” says Sonia. No wonder it’s her (and Singapore’s) first choice when it comes to foundation. According to Estée Lauder, Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation is the No. 1 bestselling liquid foundation in Singapore and Asia where its long-wear formula is beloved by many in the region.

Nadiah M. Din, actress and host

Nadiah is wearing Double-Wear Foundation 4N3 Maple Sugar. @nadiahmdin

Nadiah wears two hats on a daily basis, that of a hands-on mum and also of an actress and host. Being confident, she says, has helped her on this journey to where she is today. “If I weren’t confident about being a good mum, I would not have given birth to two kids. Going through labour is not easy!” she quips.

On a more serious note, she says that there are lots of obstacles in the entertainment industry and one needs to be strong in order not to be bullied. “It’s like a shield that prevents others from taking advantage of you,” she adds.

Being a mum has not stopped Nadiah from doing what she loves, which is acting and hosting. However, like most working mothers, her schedule can be very hectic. Having makeup that is transfer-resistant means she can do everyday stuff from playing with her kids to wearing the hijab without worrying about makeup smudges. And when she puts her glamour hat on for a show appearance or event, she transitions seamlessly safe in the knowledge that her makeup will remain flawless without having to reapply it.

As someone who wears the hijab, she appreciates the foundation’s transfer-resistant and waterproof formula. It does not stain her clothes if she changes outfits, and she continues to look fresh and flawless even after a long day. “I rely on Estée Lauder Stay-In-Place Foundation because it saves me time and lets me focus more on what I need to do whether it is related to my work or family,” says Nadiah. Goes to show that if one has the confidence, one will always be able to find a way to succeed.

XiXi Lim, actress and host

XiXi is wearing Double-Wear Foundation 1N2 Ecru. @xixiimofficial

Growing up as a plus-sized girl, XiXi confesses that it didn’t bode well for her self-esteem back then. But she came to the realisation that she did not have to fit a certain mould to look pretty. “Why look the same when you can be different and stand out from the crowd?” she says.

She has since embarked on a personal journey to empower women through body positivity. “Being confident has helped me to reach out to more people of my community. I find it easier to influence, inspire and connect with others to build confidence within them and most importantly, to practice self-love,” she says. After all, she adds, the key to feeling beautiful is to trust and love yourself.

She says that Estée Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation has been a saviour given the nature of her work, which typically involves a lot of outdoor shoots. “It is extremely important to have a good foundation that is long-lasting, non-cakey and sweat-resistant in order to look good on screen every minute with little to no touch-ups”. And this foundation does just that, because it is resistant to sweat and humidity. It is especially suitable for those with oily skin, thanks to its oil-free and oil-controlling formula. Now who’s afraid of Singapore’s hot and humid weather?

Eswari Gunasagar, actress and host

Eswari is wearing Double-Wear Foundation 4N1 Shell Beige. @esh_wari

As an actress who has played a 17-year-old schoolgirl in Channel 5’s Tanglin and a teacher in Vasantham’s Vetri, Eswari’s confidence secret is to “say something with confidence, even if you are unsure about it, and it will be believable.” So relatable. She says that when nerves get the better of her, especially when she is hosting shows, she reminds herself how far she has come and what she is capable of.

Being on TV also means looking your best on screen, so a must-have for her is a foundation that matches her skin tone. That’s where Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation, which is available in 40 shades, comes in. “I don’t have flawless skin although I’m working towards it! Meanwhile, the foundation helps cover my flaws and gives a smooth finish,” she says. Plus, it does not oxidise or turn grey so that skin looks great all day.

1. There are 40 shades so everyone can find their ideal match.
2. It gives a soft matte finish without looking cakey.
3. It offers buildable, medium to full coverage.
4. There’s no need for touch-ups, because it has 24-hour staying power.
5. It is oil-free, sweat-resistant and waterproof – perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather.
6. It is transfer-proof and won’t stain your clothes.