Launched in 2017, Les Parfums Matières – or The Perfumes Materials – line from Karl Lagerfeld was based on pretty much the same ethos with which he designed clothes: however fancy you get, you can’t ignore the essentials. So the brand very cleverly built it around key elements that should be in every wardrobe.

It started with Fleur de Pêcher, a blend of peach blossom, jasmine, and yuzu that’s meant to be reminiscent of a silk veil: light, pretty, elegant. Now the label’s pushing a bolder, lusher counterpart that’s no less feminine. Its unexpected inspiration? Shagreen, which most commonly today comes from the skin of stingrays.

Named Fleur De Mûrier, the fragrance pays a gentle nod to the luxurious exotic leather by tapping onto fruits that – if you squint – possess a similar texture: red currant as well as the leaf of the raspberry plant. The result are top notes both sweet and with plenty of zing.

As friendly as it can be, a Karl Lagerfeld fragrance (or any design, for that matter) is never one note though. To give this sprightly scent womanly sophistication, the brand’s added floral notes of blackberry blossoms and violet petals to mellow out the tartness, while sandalwood and musk lend depth.

Consider this a sweet-smelling eau de parfum that’s much more than meets the eye – something all modern women should be able to relate to.

Karl Lagerfeld Les Parfums Matières collection retails at $69 for 100ml and $40 for 50ml, available at retail stores or here.