You may know Lawrence Wong by many things. To some, he is best remembered for playing the role of charming imperial guard Hai Lan Cha in the hit 2018 period drama Story Of Yanxi Palace.

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Then there are others who would be impressed by how this Johor Bahru-born Singapore actor has successfully crossed over to mainland China, becoming a household name in the country’s massive entertainment scene. For the rest of us, this 32-year-old is an all-around Mr Nice Guy with the flawless complexion and catchy Instagram handle (@ohohlawrence).

lawrence wong

Wong got down to working on his Grail skincare line during the quarantine last year.

These days, Wong, who is currently filming in the northern Hainanese port city of Haikou, can also lay claim to the fact that he is the owner of a best-selling skincare brand.

His debut botanical skincare label Grail, which launched on on January 26, has been such a hit with fans and beauty fiends alike that its debut product, a multi-tasking mask called Do-it-All, sold out within four days of its launch.

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Those who are interested to purchase the eco-certified and 100 per cent biodegradable sheet mask can still do so by placing their orders on the site as stocks will be replenished in the coming two weeks.

To get to know more about why the product is such a, erm, holy grail of skincare, we jump on a call with Wong for the lowdown on this new baby of his and why he doesn’t want to be called the next Kylie Jenner just yet.