Matte finishes are all the rage now, whether it’s on a liquid lipstick or on an ultra-modern manicure. It’s also the focus of local beauty brand Inga Cosmetics’ debut range of lipsticks.

Created by the Female Collective’s Marie Soh, a Singaporean hair and makeup artist who’s lent her creative eye to produce work for fashion and design circles, the brand was established as Soh wanted to find foolproof colours that match the yellow and pink undertones found in Asian skin.

As a start, she’s launching 10 matte lipsticks ($29 each) that reportedly provide lasting coverage in hot, humid weather (exactly how long? watch the video to find out) and come with moisturising properties too. Packaged in sleek black tubes with the brand name in gold debossed font, the lipsticks were manufactured in the United States and come with names that mean “beautiful” in various languages. For example, Rowa, a dusty pink, means “lovely vision” in Arabic, while Allyn, a salmon pink, is a Celtic name which means “fair and handsome”.

The colours are available in wearable shades, ranging from pink nudes to a deep berry and a bold red. We hung out with Soh at Owen Road cafe Shiberty Bakes to find out why her lipsticks will be mainstays in your makeup kit. Available now on


Additional video footage: Isabel Ong  Additional editing: Hisyam Abd Rahman

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