Browse through images, videos and the Instagram feed of Narelle Kheng and it would seem that the 24-year-old bassist and vocalist of The Sam Willows knows her makeup and skincare. Her signature beauty look is so consistent both on and off stage that anyone who remotely follows her ought to be able to describe it easily: dark (but not overly strong) brows; a swash of brown under the cheek bones for more defined contours; and pink tinted lips and cheeks – all against fresh, lustrous skin. She might be a playful, rough-and-tumble kind of girl, but she certainly knows how to work her telegenic side, as evident whenever the cameras turn on her. In short, if any millennial (or wannabe millennial) wanted some advice on looking pretty, she’d be the perfect person to tap on. Right?

Well, the answer is subjective – as we learnt when we brought her to her first Paris Fashion Week during the Fall Winter 2018 season in March, passing along a whole bag of makeup and skincare (these came courtesy of Chanel) for the trip. Let’s just say that what we did learn about her POV on beauty was (like her real-life complexion) very fresh. Find out more in this second episode of our mini web documentary series, FEMALE Presents Narelle Kheng At Paris Fashion Week F/W ’18.


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